2015… will be a good year!

As I was driving today I realized that 2015 doesn’t just end in 5 but it is FULL of 5’s… 7 to be exact!  20 has four 5’s… 15 has three 5’s.  That’s a lot of 5’s!  Five is a number meaning grace in the Hebrew.  It also means the breath of the Spirit transforming us and making us fruitful…. and of course, Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Grace (Zech 12:10)


The number 15 is the Bible number for rest.  Rest in the Hebrew is Nuach…. Noah!  Genesis 6:8 is the first time grace is mentioned…. “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD”.  In fact, the Hebrew word used for grace is “chen” which in the Hebrew is Noah spelled backward.  Literally, it reads “but rest found grace in the eyes of the Lord”.  When we enter into rest, we find grace… as we enter into 2015 (rest) we find grace!

Grace in the Hebrew is the idea of stooping down in kindness to an inferior… in Christ, God stooped down to pull us to Himself.  Rest signifies not only the absence of movement but of being settled in a particular place, with overtones of victory, security, finality, and salvation.  I like that! 

It doesn’t mean we don’t do anything, but rather we are secure in our victory!  We can be secure in resting and knowing that Jesus paid it all.  His work on the cross was grace poured out for us.  Grace is the transforming breath of Holy Spirit making us fruitful… exchanging our weaknesses for His strength so that we can fulfill what He has called us to do.

Earlier this month God spoke 1 John 1:16 to my heart….. For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.  The amplified version says “grace upon grace, spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing, even favor upon favor, and gifts heaped upon gifts”.

I believe that’s what this year holds for us… entering into His rest so that we can receive multiplied grace in our lives!

~ Robin

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