2016… A year of God’s manifested goodness

Today begins 2016 which is also 5776 on the Jewish calendar……which began on September 13th.  

new year

I have always loved New Years Day… it’s like a fresh start.  Anything is possible.  Today we took down all of our Christmas decorations… giving even our house a clean, fresh start.  As I take the time to reflect on this past year, anything I didn’t like, I choose to leave behind me and the lessons I’ve learned from… the things I’ve grown from in 2015 I get to carry with me into 2016.

This year is a Jubilee year.  

In Leviticus 25, Jubilee has promises attached to it…. Liberty for the captives, restoration of family, land, and possessions, increase from your field, freedom from oppression, safety, and triple blessings!  In Christ, these promises belong to us every year, not just during a Jubilee year….because Jesus is our Jubilee.   Unfortunately, we don’t always walk in the revelation of our inheritance In Him.  This year let’s begin to declare BIG…. let’s declare these Jubilee promises over our lives.

This year is also a Leap Year

In Hebrew, a leap year is called a pregnant year.  On our Gregorian calendars, we’ve been given an extra day.  But on the Jewish calendar, they’re given an extra month (Adar II).  What are you pregnant with this year in the Spirit?  Steward well the dreams and visions God gives you for this year with hope and faith.  Be careful not to abort those dreams prematurely through doubt, unbelief, and impatience.

What are you pregnant with this year in the Spirit?  Steward well the dreams and visions God gives you for this year with hope and faith.  Be careful not to abort those dreams prematurely through doubt, unbelief, and impatience.

The letters associated with this Hebraic year 5776 are the ayin and the vav. The ayin has a numerical value of 70 and the vav has a numerical value of 6 forming the “76.”  The entire decade from 2010 to 2019 (the years 5770 to 5779) is dominated by the significance of the last two digits.  70 is the Hebrew word “AYIN.”  “Ayin” is a word describing an eye…or insight or seeing or perceiving with God’s perspective. This is a decade where it is paramount that we continue to renew our mind in order to see things as God sees them.

Vav has a couple of different meanings.  It is a word, as well as a letter.  The word is “and” which is a uniting word… a connecting word.  The first time it is used is in Genesis 1:1 “God created the heavens and (vav) the earth”.  This year is to believe BIG and declare BIG.  It’s a year to believe and declare heaven on earth.  Whatever is in heaven is available NOW on earth…. Matt 6:10  “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.  There is no poverty, bondage, sickness, or disease in Heaven!

Vav is also a picture of a tent-peg.  Isaiah 52 “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;  do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.”  

This year, do not hold back… enlarge your faith… believe bigger and declare bigger!  Go further in the things of God this year.  What inheritance promises were hard for you to wrap your head around last year…. prosperity, divine health, grace??  Meditate on those scriptures this year… putting them in your heart and speaking them forth.  

Build your spiritual muscles and lay hold of what’s yours In Christ.

Judges 4:21 is another story of a tent-peg… this time as a weapon.  It’s the story of Jael.  The enemy had come into her home because her husband Heber (meaning fellowship) hadn’t stood against the enemy but rather had an alliance with him (verse 17) in order to stay safe on either side of the battle.  But Jael had no such alliance and she took a tent-peg and nailed it through the enemy’s head!

This year stand firm against the enemy… against what belongs to you In Christ… don’t allow thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of Christ (2 Cor 10:5) to come into your dwelling place… stake them with the Word!  

I am expecting great things this year… in fact, my husband and I have been saying this year will be our best year yet.  I believe this is a year we’ve been waiting for… a year of acceleration, promotion, fullness, favor, and increase in every area of our lives.    

This morning at 2:30 am the Lord spoke 2 words to me regarding this year.  He said this would be a year of “Behold I make ALL things new”.  I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant until this morning when I read Verna Brown’s (the Pastor of Soul Harvest Worship Center in Modesto, CA) post on Facebook with the exact same words “Behold, I make all things new”.…. her post went on to list several new things He is giving this year:  new dreams, new revelations, new strength, new health, new opportunities, new mindsets, new experiences, new mercies, new wine and new wind of the Spirit, etc.

What is it that you need new this year?  Begin declaring it and claiming it as yours.  All things are possible to him who believes.  Maybe you need new, fresh hope in order to believe bigger.  Ask Him today to make ALL things new in your life.

The second thing He told me was that this year would be a season of His manifested goodness.  I love that.  God is good and He wants to pour out His goodness on your life. Psalm 65:11 says “He crowns the year with His goodness and your paths drip with abundance”.   In Exodus 33 Moses asked God to please show him His glory.  God responded that He would cause all His goodness to pass before him.  He said He would proclaim His name to Moses… revealing His true character and nature to him.  He revealed His glory, His very essence, which includes His mercy, grace, loving-kindness (chesed – covenant loyalty), truth, forgiveness, and holiness. (Ex. 34:6-7) God’s glory is His goodness. His goodness is His nature…. it’s who He is.

A manifestation of His goodness in your life is a deeper revelation of His glory… of who He is… His true nature and character.  

This year, allow Him to enlarge your tents, give you bigger dreams and visions, make ALL things new in your life, and manifest His goodness (all that He is) in and through you.

Get ready… this is the year you’ve been waiting for.  I believe at the end of 2016 we’re not going to say “I’m so glad this year is over and ready for a new one” but rather “2016 was so awesome how can 2017 possibly top it!” 

To quote Kenneth Copeland… “This is the Great year of whatever you need!

~ Robin




3 thoughts on “2016… A year of God’s manifested goodness

  1. I have a question. You seem to know a few things about the Jewish months and about the Yovel (Jubilee) year. Yes, 5776 is a Yovel year. It is the 48th Jubilee since Ezra the Scribe dedicated the 2nd Temple in the year 3416. The Jubilee years in the 2nd Temple period were unique years and were not the first year of the next Shmittah and Jubilee cycles. The Great Moshe Maimonides wrote that the Jubilees during the 2nd Temple period were the 15th and 65th years of every Jewish century. This ended with the destruction of the 2nd Temple. The Jubilee years after that also were the first years of the next Shmittah and Jubilee cycle. 5776 is no exception. It is the 48th Jubiee but also the first year of the 49th Jubilee cycle. It is also the first year of the new Shmittah cycle. Once the Messianic Era commences, the next Jubilee year will again become a distinct year which is not the first year of the next cycle.

    Where did you learn about what you know? from Jonathan Cahn??


    1. Hi Dov bar-Leib

      Thank you for your response and all of the information regarding Jubilee years. No I’m sorry I don’t follow Jonathan Cahn. Not sure how to answer where I get my information. I love the Hebrew language and the Jewish people, although I am not Jewish. I have taken one Hebrew class a few years ago. I study a lot and pray for wisdom. I just allow Holy Spirit to teach me the Scriptures. Hope that answered your question.


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