The prophetic restores

Today as I was studying Galatians 6 for my weekly Bible study via facebook live, Holy Spirit opened my eyes, and I saw Paul being prophetic about these Galatians.  I also saw a great template for the prophetic gift in operation in verse 1 of chapter 6.  

I love the prophetic.  Of course, I’ve seen it abused but I’ve also seen people flow prophetically by beautifully seeing and pulling out treasure in people.  But in this verse, I hadn’t seen Paul operating prophetically until Holy Spirit brought it to my attention by asking… “did you see what Paul did there?”

Let’s look at verse 1 in context……

Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. ~  Galatians 6:1: 

I like that he calls them brothers here — in chapter 4 he asked them why he had become their enemy?  

Paul had become their enemy because they were turning to legalism and Paul was preaching grace in the full finished work of Christ

They were no longer treating him as a brother but it made no difference to how he chose to see them… as brothers and according to chapter 5 fully confident that they would turn back and continue in a life of grace by the Spirit

… who are spiritual restore such a one…

And now in chapter 6 he also calls them “spiritual” 

Spiritual is pneumatikos in Greek.  It is pneuma which is spirit and “ikos” which is a suffix that is added to a noun to make it an adjective in Greek.  It means “having characteristics of” “or the nature of”

Spiritual or pneumatikos is having the nature of the Spirit.  Paul is saying, you who are living IN CHRIST, you who are living life led by the Spirit.

He tells them then to restore one who is overtaken in any trespass…. he’s not talking about sin. 

I always thought that’s what it meant.  To help restore someone who has been overcome by sin.  To help them get right with God again.  Thinking that way is having a sin conscious mentality, your mind is dull.  There is a veil over our eyes when we read Scripture with an Old Covenant mentality.  But 2 Cor 3:16 says when anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. 

This is why I like studying in context and through the lens of the finished work.  He hasn’t been talking about “sin” in the entire book of Galatians.  Paul knew the power of sin had been broken and that we are free from its power, guilt, and punishment in our lives.  He’s been talking about the contrast of law and grace.  Of falling from grace into the legalistic mentality of works and performance — doing in order to receive or become.  Of finding your righteousness in what you do instead of simply who you are IN CHRIST

….if a man is overtaken in any trespass,….

  • Overtaken is “prolambano” in Greek meaning to be overtaken or taken by surprise
  • Trespass is “paraptoma” in Greek which means a falling away; to slip or lapse and comes from the root “parapipto” which is two words… para meaning “close beside” and “pipto” meaning to fall; to fall away after being close beside; to defect or abandon; to have fallen from a close position – refers to a close follower of Christ who becomes a defector

That sounds like what had happened to the Galatians — they had fallen from a close position of grace.

  • Restore is katartizó in Greek meaning to prepare or perfect for full destination or use; to bring into its proper condition (whether for the first time, or after a lapse); to properly adjust to be in good working order;

That sounds like what Paul had been doing with these “fallen” Galatians…. restoring them – adjusting them back to good working order back into the proper condition of who they are IN CHRIST.

Paul is telling them “brothers, see what I’m doing with you, this is what you’ll be doing with others who fall from grace.”

What a prophetic verse.  Although I’ve never seen it as Paul being prophetic before probably because it doesn’t have the “prophetic language” I’ve grown accustomed to hearing. Paul didn’t preface this first verse with “Thus sayeth the Lord” or “I hear God saying” or “I’m getting this by the Spirit.” He just sees them through the eyes of his Father and talks to them in love — declaring who they are.  Being supernaturally natural.

I see in this verse a different idea of what the prophetic is…. 

  • It’s releasing a revelation of restored identity
    • “brothers” – born of God; a son of God;
    • “you who are spiritual” – walking IN CHRIST; living life led by the Spirit to a place of rest, a refreshing place free from the law and it’s fearful bondage.  
  • and releasing a revelation of restored purpose
    • “restore others” — adjusting them back to good working order back into the proper condition of who they are IN CHRIST; reveal the Son in them like I revealed Him in you; 

So in this one verse, he declares (prophesies) their restored identity and their restored purpose or mission.  Although this was not how they were walking at the moment – they had fallen from grace and saw Paul as an enemy – this was how Paul saw them in their futures.  And he prophesied that future into existence.  

I have no doubt the Galatians repented and turned from legalism… changed their mindset and aligned themselves with the truth. That they continued to live their lives in grace….  living their lives in the revelation of it is finished… Christ plus nothing.  And that as a result of that they were able to reveal the Son in others just like Paul revealed the Son in them after He had been revealed in Him.  

So, remember, prophecy is easy.  It’s simply declaring what God is saying.  It’s about restoring identity and purpose in others.  It’s the declaration of the finished work in them. 

~ Robin

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