Theology Essay – New Creation Living

Courses 1-7 unveiled to me what was accomplished at the Cross and Resurrection…for ALL men. The complete nature change, for ALL men that took place, our sin for His righteousness, creating an entire new humanity COMPLETELY restored to the Father. The glorious unity we have with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… eternally included in their beautiful Dance. And as we awake to the revelation of IT IS FINISHED, we begin to understand that He is not just with us or in us, but He is as us and living through us. And that moment of revelation flows beautifully into course 8!

I feel like course 8 is an in-depth look at Romans 6:4, “walking in newness of life.” The key to that of course is verse 11, seeing ourselves as co-crucified and co-alive in Him. This course really helps you understand how to walk out this gospel of Grace, this newness of life, this life of co-union.

Paul said in Galatians 2:20, “I have been crucified with Christ: nevertheless, I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” The Mirror Bible says “I’m alive to the real me which is Christ in me! Co-crucified, now co-alive!” “I was in His death; now He is in my life.” “Immersed in His faith in our joint-sonship!” Or we could say baptized in His faith in our joint-sonship! I love this verse because Paul gives us a personal glimpse into what this new life IN CHRIST looks like. How he walks it out. It is lived from an understanding that we have died with Him and we were raised with Him and now our life is lived IN His faith. In is a condition or state, denoting position. My life is not lived from a position of MY faith, but from His. I live IN His faith. It’s where I’m positioned… a fixed place, a firmly rooted and established place. I don’t have to do anything to live in that place…. I was co-crucified and co-alive, and my new resurrected life is IN Him… IN faith (His faith). Such a BIG, overwhelming thought, but at the same time such a freedom thought! His faith not mine… it doesn’t depend on me, it’s not about me. It’s ALL Him.

I died in Him, I rose in Him, I ascended in Him, I am seated in Him, and I am IN FAITH – IN HIM. I can’t be any more or less IN faith… I just am IN FAITH, the same as I am IN HIM. Colossians says I am complete IN HIM. Therefore, I am COMPLETE in His righteousness, COMPLETE in His holiness, COMPLETE in His peace, AND likewise COMPLETE in His faith. Complete, pleroo in Greek, meaning to be FULL, to be filled to capacity, to be fully supplied. It’s a perfect tense… a completed action that happened to us (passive) and has ongoing results. I love that! My completeness in Him is a completed action, 100% His doing, and is ongoing in my life. Nothing I can add to or take away from! However, I can learn how to walk in His faith… resting in His perfect faith… and bearing fruit that remains.

Philemon 1:6 says, “the communication of your faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.”While this verse does say “your faith,” in the Greek it says, “THE faith, of you.” The communication or the koinonia of THE faith, the sharing of THE faith. There is a co-partnership of THE faith… it’s His faith IN me. That partnership of His faith becomes effective, it begins to work or produce, it becomes operative. How? By my acknowledging every good thing which is in me IN CHRIST JESUS. Joint partnership! His faith IN me and my acknowledgement of ALL good that is in me, because He is Good and He is ALL.

This newness of life… this resurrected life is one of joint sonship with Him. Co-partners in His faith… it’s His faith partnered with my epignosis. My well instructed, intense, deep knowledge of His finished work.  This deep knowledge or understanding that it’s NOT my faith in Him or even faith in His promises. Rather, it’s His faith IN me that I live from…. it’s that faith, which the Bible calls “THE faith,” that becomes effective, becomes operative in my life. It’s just resting and realizing. Resting in His finished work, resting in my union in Him, and realizing that there is nothing missing in my life… that there is ALL GOOD in me IN CHRIST.  Realizing that we are complete in Him… all the fullness of the Godhead dwells in us and then resting IN that fullness. Realizing that it’s out of His fullness… out of THE fullness that is Him, we HAVE received grace. He has held nothing back from us. Romans 8:32 tells us that “He who spared not His own Son, but for us ALL gave Him up, how will He not also with Him grant us ALL things.” ALL things! ALL is ALL. There is nothing He didn’t give to us. Jesus is the ALL. Out of that awareness of Him… that He is ALL in me… unfolds everything that I would ever have need of. Before I ever have need of it.

And this new life in Him is also learning how to walk in the awareness of being dead to sin (co-crucified) and alive to God (co-raised). It’s the awareness of my being IN His faith and co-partnering with Him in that faith. Acknowledging Him as ALL in me. Resting in and realizing that it is Him in me, as me and through me. That I am Him incarnate… in the flesh. He is Health in me, as me and through me. And Health that is in me and as me flows through me to all I come in contact with. His Health is who I am… I am not simply healed or healthy… He is the Health of my body. There is no other state for my body to be in. Sickness cannot reign… cannot even exist… in my body. Romans 6 says He died to sin once, likewise I died to sin once being co-crucified and then co-resurrected with Him. Death no longer has dominion over me. The effects of death… sickness, disease, poverty, fear… have no dominion over me and have no place in my life.  All of death’s effects were made null and void in our lives through His finished work.

Walking in this newness of life is also about hearing correctly just like Jesus did when He walked here in the flesh. But just like it’s not about my faith but it’s His faith I rest in and live IN, it’s also His perfect hearing that is my hearing. Resting in His perfect “obedience,” which is simply shema… a hearing heart that responds to the Father in love. His response is my response… I can rest in that. Even when I blow it, I still am in perfect obedience as a son because it’s the Son’s perfect obedience that has become mine.

I love Hebrews 5:8-9 in the Mirror. It says, “Acquainted with sonship he was in the habit of hearing from above; what He heard distanced Him from the effect of what He had suffered. (9) By His perfect hearing He forever freed humanity to hear what He had heard.”I have been forever freed to hear what He has heard… this is My beloved son in whom I am well pleased No longer striving to obey so that my Father is pleased with me. He is always well pleased with me. No longer striving to obey so that MY faith will work.  It’s His hearing heart and His faith in me, as me and through me. I hear my Daddy clearly and I respond as a son… I no longer respond out of the fear that came through a wrong identity. I died to “the” sin… the nature of Adam. I no longer identify with the old man… this new life is Christ in me, as me and through me. He is my identity… the Law of my being and the Source of my life. 

Abraham was told by God, “lech lecha.” God was saying, “Go find YOU Abraham…. the you I created you to be, the real you made in My image and likeness, My son!” This newness of life is our lech lecha….. our journey of discovering His life in us, as us and through us. Colossians 1:10 in the Mirror Bible says “go on a walk about tour to explore the extent of the land that is ours under His Lordship….. Continuing to increase in your intimate acquaintance with that which God knows to be true about you. This results in the most attractive and fulfilled life possible.” That sounds like a lech lecha…. a journey of grace to discover who we truly are, to know what He knows to be true about us. To discover His blueprint and original design for our lives and then to walk fully in that new abundant life as joint sons and co-partners in this dance of grace.

Jacob went through something similar. He had his own journey of grace. Unaware of what God had ALWAYS planned for him, he used deception to try and secure the Blessing.  In Genesis 28:10 it tells us that Jacob went to Haran and abided there for the night. He had a dream that night of angels ascending and descending a ladder that reached to heaven and above it stood Yahweh, or Jesus. And Jesus declared to him that the land he is lying on will be his and his descendants. And then He says, “Behold, I am with you and will keep you in ALL places where you go, and I will bring you again unto this land; for I will not leave you, until (or even up to) that which I have spoken to you.” Right between “I will not leave you until” and “done what I have spoken to you” is an aleph tav…. pointing to the finished work of Christ, the power of the Cross.

Jacob then woke up and declared, “Jesus is surely in this place and I didn’t know it.” I wasn’t intimately aware of it. So, he built an altar and made a vow to God. Our English translations say, “IF God is with me…… THEN shall Yahweh be my God.” It makes it sound conditional. But it wasn’t conditional on Jacob’s part. He had an awakening…. Jesus is in THIS place (Bethel – house of God)! Because of that awakening, SINCE God is with him, his declaration was “ V’hayah Yawheh my God to me.” Hayah in Hebrew means “to be” or “is.” He woke up to the intimate knowledge of Yahweh being His God… not just the God of Abraham and Isaac but also Jacob’s God. Jacob beheld and became. He beheld Jesus and became who he always was in God’s eyes. I love that he declares this revelation of awakening upon awakening from a dream. Happening in the spirit and in the natural at the same moment. We have not just been redeemed in our spirit but also in our mind and our bodies.

Likewise, on our lech lecha journeys, we wake up to the revelation that Jesus is in this place (we are Bethel) and we weren’t intimately aware of it before! But now I have found myself IN HIM, which according to Ephesians 1:4 is where I have always been… I just never knew. But now I am FULLY AWAKE in Him. FULLY AWAKE to His life in me. FULLY AWAKE to His life as me. And FULLY AWAKE to His life flowing through me. Just like Colossians 1:10, I am continuing to increase in my intimate knowledge of what He knows to be true about me… about who I am in Him. Continuing to grow in grace upon grace… discovering that there are depths of His grace that I have yet to dive into. Realizing that it will take all of eternity to behold Him in His FULLNESS.

This course gave me the right words to more accurately convey walking in faith. Walking in faith is not about saying the right confession or believing with all my heart. To walk in faith is to live IN His faith and allowing His faith to be expressed in and through you. As I rest in His faith, I live in the Is-ness and Now-ness of God. Knowing that I have need of nothing. Because everything I have ever needed is on the inside of me. Just as with Abraham, He is our shield and our exceeding great reward! He is my shield. Shield in Hebrew is ganan which means to cover, to surround, to defend, to hedge about. I am hedged in, in Him. No matter where I turn I am face to face, in perfect unity with Him. He is my Ganan! He is also my exceeding great Reward. Great is rabah which means to multiply, abundance. Exceeding is me’od meaning very. Reward is sakar which means wages, my purchase… it is akin to the word karah which means to get by trade! And oh, what a beautiful trade it was…. my sin for His righteousness! My life for His! He is Abundant Life in me, as me and through me!

And while I still do confessions, it’s now from a heart of thanksgiving of who He is in me, as me and through me. It is no longer about trying “by faith” to grab hold of something…. I already hold it ALL inside me. Paul gave us keys to walking in this abundant life all through the New Testament. But we’ve taken his truths and made them commands and formulas that we need to follow. We’ve become obsessed with being “obedient” with “following a set of rules” so that we can be healed, prosperous, walk in favor, be anointed, etcetera. Paul’s truths were to show us what this new life looks like…. what we now look like clothed in Christ. And as we walk in the truth of who we are, aware of who He is in us, as us and through us, we will bear fruit that remains. We are already healed, prosperous, have favor and are anointed. Our “obedience” doesn’t result in those things. Those things already ARE right NOW. They are part of the Is-ness and Now-ness of God.   Without a revelation of the truth that it’s His life expressed through mine, we will continue to see these new creation living truths as commandments to obey and become better skilled in.

We were never to die daily or bear our cross. Jesus bore the cross for us and He didn’t only die for me, He died AS me. And just as He died ONCE to sin so did we. We are simply told to consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to God. Consider is a present imperative passive verb. Imperative is a command. We are commanded to think God’s logic, which is we are COMPLETELY dead to sin and COMPLETELY alive to God in Christ. But, it is also in the passive tense, meaning that it happened to us. So, we have a command to consider something, and He causes that thinking to occur. We hear the truth that we are dead to sin and alive to God, and He causes us to consider it — to decide it’s true, to conclude that it’s true. One day you have an “aha” moment and you know that it’s true!  He CAUSED the considering – He brought you to the conclusion that it is true. That’s grace in action!!  Only God could command us to do something and then do the “doing” for us!

Ephesians 1:17 says that He gives us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in our knowledge of Him and He enlightens the eyes of our heart — this is what a passive imperative looks like…. what a New Covenant grace command looks like. His life expressed through mine. His believing… His faith… causing me to know that I am dead to sin and alive to Him

Likewise, confession isn’t a formula to follow. Confession is homologeo which is to agree, to publicly declare. It’s two words… homou meaning “together” and lego meaning speak to a conclusion. It’s another beautiful co-word of the Gospel. To co-speak. Speaking together with Him, His conclusions…. what He knows to be true. Agreeing with Him. Sounds like shemawhich we translate “obey.” It is to hear Him and then say what He says. It is not about getting a list of Scriptures together to change a situation. It’s about co-speaking with Him. His life expressed through your life…. His voice expressed through your voice. Romans 10:8 says that this spoken word of THE faith (the faith always refers to His faith) is near you, in your heart and your mouth. Near is a place or position. The spoken word of His faith is already in your heart and in your mouth, you just need to partner with Him and allow His voice… allow His faith to speak through your voice. All of these New Creation truths are a rest and realize…. not commands to obey or formulas to follow.

And as I, like Paul, continue to live this life resting IN His faith, allowing His life to be expressed through mine, then the ALL that is in me will simply spring forth as Jesus said in Luke 6… it will move what is needed to its necessary manifestation. Then no longer will we need healing, because Health springs forth. No longer will we need money to pay our bills, because Provision and Abundance spring forth. And it will spring forth with such abundance that it will overflow into the lives of those around us.

Abraham was called the heir of the world in Romans 4:13. Heir at its root is komitzo which means to carry off from harm, to provide for, to tend and to keep. In Christ we have the privilege and joy of being co-heirs….. of protecting our world, our sphere of influence, from harm. As we realize who He is in us, as us and through us, we are able to do that. As we realize that we not only have His protection, He is Protection in me and as me and through me. And because of that as I drive down the freeway, Protection drives down the freeway. My acknowledgement of ALL good in me, such as Protection, causes Protection to be released through me to those around me driving….. carrying them off from harm, komitzo.  Oh, what a glorious co-partnership!! Nothing on my part but simply the acknowledgment…. the resting and the realizing (the co-laboring) of ALL Good, of His finished work, in me, as me and through me.

~ Robin

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