Healing part 8 — To be spiritually minded is life — Bible study

Notes for tonight’s Bible study is below the video…

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I. Introduction
  • We’ve been talking about the Curse of the law and being redeemed from that Curse
  • We need to realize when we read the Scriptures that they are a revelation of God’s commitment to you and me — a declaration of everything He has done for us
    • it’s not a list of requirements placed upon us
    • most Believers read the Bible as though the Bible were a declaration of obligatory requirements that God has placed before humanity
      • and if we want to please Him and walk in blessing and favor, we need to obey as best we can all those requirements
      • not realizing that ALL of His promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus (2 Cor 1:20)
  • His promises — His declarations of ALL He has done for us is found IN CHRIST – in His finished work
    • 2 Cor 1:20 doesn’t say maybe, or sometimes, or IF you do such and such first
    • NO!…that yes is a word that is a STRONG yes and amen means verily or truly!
    • ALL of His promises are VERILY, TRULY, ABSOLUTELY A FIRM YES in Christ!
  • 2 Peter 1:3 – He’s given us ALL things that pertain to life and godliness
    • That’s a promise!
  • Health & prosperity are two areas of believer’s lives that seem to be lacking
    • And yet they are both a verily, truly, absolutely a FIRM YES – SO BE IT in Christ!
  • Tonight, we’re going to talk about the spiritual reality of Health and Prosperity in our lives regardless of natural circumstances or experiences we may see.
II. Health and Prosperity
Gal 3:13-14 Christ has redeemed us from the Curse of the law having become the Curse for us for it is written cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree, so that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus and that we might receive the promise of the Spirit by faith
  • The curse and the blessing are both singular in these verses
    • it isn’t refer to the blessings (plural) or the curses (plural)
    • not the multiple blessings of Abraham but The Blessing (singular of Abraham might come upon us
  • The Curse is the ROOT not the fruit — Christ has redeemed us from the ROOT
    • And last week we saw that He put the axe to the ROOT and threw the trees of sin and death/curse into the fire – no ROOT = no fruit
  • The usual progression from Gal 3:13 is to go from this verse to Deut 28:15-68 where we find listed a multitude of curses from which we are redeemed
    • but defining The Curse by the curses or identifying the curses as The Curse produces in us a carnally minded approach to remedy
    • For example in the area of prosperity…
      • We appraise and determine our prosperity by looking at the financial circumstances in our life
        • in other words, we look into our life and see that our investments have failed, our stocks are taking a dive, the house is in foreclosure, the repo guy is calling, and we look at that and we determine our prosperity relative to the conditions of our life
      • Then we take action in the natural to remedy the condition
      • For example…
        • We have to quit spending foolishly, have to start tithing, start making wise investments, etc.
        • We have started from a revelation of the curses instead of The Curse and we appraise reality based on a natural perception of things
        • And so, we determine we are not prosperous because the investments have taken a dive, things are not going well, the checkbook is empty, etc.
      • We appraise our prosperity based on these things and so the only answer is to propose a natural remedy for that condition
        • And so, what we begin to give more, save more, spend less, try our hand at investments, etc.
  • And there is nothing wrong with giving more, being wise in your investments, and not being foolish in your spending
    • But NONE of these things have anything to do with your prosperity
    • A totally empty bank account or an overdrawn bank account is no indication of your prosperity or lack of it
    • And yet most believers think it is
  • Or we define our health by the aches the pains and the symptoms
    • And we begin to pursue some Christian methodology to bring correction
      • And out of that comes the Christian work ethic — the what I need to DO in order to BE
  • But prosperity and health (just using these 2 things right now) are NOT physical issues
    • and the sooner you get this the sooner you’ll be able to step out into the realm of the experience of your redemption – experiencing prosperity, health… WHOLENESS in every area of your life.
  • Prosperity has nothing to do with your finances, has nothing to do with your investments, has nothing to do with your tithe and giving, and has nothing to do with how you spend your money
    • It has nothing to do with any of those natural things that has grown out of that Christian work ethic
    • Most of these habits that we’ve done all our lives will certainly be affected and come under some degree of change as we embrace our prosperity
      • In other words, as I embrace my prosperity, the revelation of it in my life will begin to have some effect on the choices I make and what I do with my financial and material stuff
        • For instance, I’ll probably become a bigger giver than I was and probably begin to make wise decisions with my finances — because I’ll begin to see the needs in people’s lives that I have the ability by the grace of God to minister into
        • Because God is able to make all grace abound towards me so that I have sufficiency in all things and an abundance unto every good work – 2 Cor 9:8
  • So, here’s what we need to understand — Prosperity has nothing to do with your finances, investments, tithing, giving, spending, etc
    • Prosperity is a spiritual reality – a spiritual condition and it has nothing to do with the natural conditions of your life
    • It is FIXED reality, UNCHANGING and the same for ALL men everywhere
    • It can affect your decisions, can affect your doings, and can affect the natural manifestations of your life
  • BUT prosperity isn’t relative to anything in your natural world, rich or lean
    • Prosperity is relative to ONE thing only – the Lord Jesus Christ
III. He became Poor – We became rich
2 Cor 8:9 says that He became poverty and you became rich — you know for (this reason) the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though He was rich yet for your sakes (cause) He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich
  • Jesus’ becoming poverty that we might become rich was His GRACE that we need to know or become familiar with… understanding that it was for us – producing a condition of rich IN us
  • Became poor is ptocheuo meaning a beggar, destitute, to be helpless, to be poverty stricken, needy, lacking the necessities of life because of poverty;
    • The root is one who crouches or cowers; bent over; universally, lacking in anything
  • Paul said we are to know this grace… to become intimately acquainted with it
  • And just incase you were thinking that rich is “spiritual” and not “material” let’s look at the meaning of the word.
    • Rich is plouteo and means to be rich, to abound in, to have many resources, be wealthy, to be increased with goods; Root is to bring fullness, abundance, richness; possessions of many kinds; fullness of wealth i.e. literally money, possessions; In the sense of filled or supplied to the maximum, full extent “limit”; COMPLETE!
  • Back in verse 7, he said that as we abound in everything (ALL) these graces….
    • in faith
    • in speech (logos – speaking and expressing the thoughts of the Father)
    • and knowledge
    • in ALL diligence
    • and in love
    • AND we are to ALSO abound in this grace – knowing that He became poor and we became rich
      • Knowing – that intimate, first-hand knowledge – ginosko – the word for the knowledge that comes from marital intimacy – the becoming one flesh
      • knowing that He became poor and we became rich
  • Both words “became” in Greek – He became and we might become — are past tense
    • when did He become poverty? At the cross
    • when did we become rich/prosperous? At the cross
    • ONE simultaneous event!!
      • Just like He became SIN and mankind INSTANTLY became RIGHTEOUS
  • He said abound in this grace
    • Abound is perissos and means excessively; beyond what is expected; going past the “expected” limit; vehemently (which is forceful; passionate;)
  • Be excessive, be passionate and forceful in your knowing this grace – He became poverty – You became prosperous
    • An excessive understanding of who I am – Rich
    • An excessive, passionate, going beyond what is expected in my understanding of His FINISHED work
    • and it’s offensive to our natural reasoning… to what our experiences tell us is true and real in our lives
  • Believe bigger! Go beyond what everyone else says is the “limit” of grace… of what FINISHED looks like in your life!
    • I’m not satisfied with the worlds statistics of the average lifespan…. I refuse to put my mind on that
      • God said we are IMMORTAL!
      • Death has no dominion, no power or authority over us!
    • There is a lot I want to see and do in this world still – it may take 300 years to do it all!!
      • And THEN when I AM satisfied – I will be like Enoch and simply walk with God one day and just be no more in this earthly realm
    • Go beyond the limits in your understanding of who you are in Him!
      • Be passionate and forceful – excessive in what His FINISHED work looks like in your life!
  • Prosperous is not the condition of your finances… it’s who you are!
    • Just like you are righteous, holy, justified, etc – You are prosperous/rich – WHOLE!
    • Prosperous is included in the WHOLENESS that is your condition/nature in Christ
    • It is who we are… it isn’t what we acquire financially
  • It doesn’t come through controlling the way you spend, not through increasing your giving, not through faithful tithing, not through investments, etc.
  • Nothing wrong with any of those things — but what you need to understand is your prosperity has nothing to do with any of those things
    • It has only to do with the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ
    • It has only to do with the fact that He has finished the work — a universal work for ALL men
    • And therefore, prosperity is now the condition in which God sees ALL mankind
      • Because He sees ALL of mankind in the condition that has been made to be so by His Son
  • Just like God sees ALL of mankind justified through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
    • Now God realizes that there are some that have not accepted that in their lives — that have not made that their own personal experience
      • But He still sees ALL men as justified – He doesn’t see any man as unrighteous
      • Romans 5:18 through the ONE act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to ALL men
  • When did He become sin? At the cross
  • When did the world become righteous? At the cross
  • Likewise, through the ONE act of becoming poverty there resulted prosperity to ALL men
IV. In closing
  • Either this is all true or none of it is….
  • He became poverty and we became rich
    • If that’s not true, then how can you know for sure that He became sin and you became righteous?
    • How can you be sure of your eternal security?
  • So, to whatever degree you relate your financial circumstances to prosperity you have naturalized your redemption
  • To whatever degree — good or bad
    • you might be relating your circumstances to prosperity because you just received a tremendous inheritance from a relative that will fix you for life financially or materially
      • Or maybe you’ve invested well and there has been an amazing return and now you’ll never have to think of another financial thing another day in your life
      • Or maybe you’re judging your prosperity on the failure of your financial circumstances
    • But to the degree that you’ve related your financial circumstances to prosperity, you’ve naturalized your redemption
  • And the same is true about our health — relating physical ailments and symptoms to health or exercise and good diet to health – you’ve naturalized your redemption
  • That’s setting your mind on the flesh
    • and the mind set on the flesh is always death
    • but the mind of the spirit says Healed… Prosperous… Whole
Tuesday night we’ll look at Romans 8:6 – mind of the flesh and mind of the spirit

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