MA – Biblical Studies Essay – Living As Holy Spirit – 1

The farther I go in these courses, the clearer my vision of eternal realities gets. And I begin to see Scriptures in a new light…. I am seeing in them the eternal truth of what has always been ours to walk in…. grace, salvation, wisdom, righteousness, health, prosperity, etc. My passion is teaching and writing Bible studies, especially the Old Testament. Biblical Studies has helped me to see the heart of God more clearly in the Old Testament, helps me to pull out the eternal realities in these Scriptures that have been overlooked and at times concealed because of a misunderstanding of the Eternal God’s unchangeable Eternal Covenant within ALL mankind.

Wrong thinking keeps us from living in the experience of these realities. Keeps us from living in the awareness and manifestation of this eternal, abundant LIFE! A while back, I woke up hearing my Holy Spirit say, “My Life pulses through your entire body!” That’s what God was trying to teach the children of Israel, that His life IN them was their life.

In Deuteronomy 30:19, God tells the children of Israel, as they were getting ready to cross over into the Promise land, that they have a choice to make… life or death; blessings or curses. And because He is such a good, good Father, He tells them the right choice – to choose LIFE!  Then He goes on to say to them that HE is their life and an awareness of that is what will prolong their life.  Because, if they didn’t choose life, they would perish, and their days would not be extended when they cross into the Promise Land. The root of the word “perish” is to wander away.

He’s speaking to a group of people who had just watched their parents and grandparents wander in the desert for 40 years! An entire generation had already perished without entering the land of rest and abundance because they didn’t choose life. They had believed the lie that they weren’t who God said they were, rightful heirs of this Promise land. The children of Israel had wandered in the wilderness until after they spied out the land. Until that point, they weren’t wandering but merely on a journey.  This journey through the desert was places of the revealing of grace. Grace in Hebrew is the letter of life! On this journey, they stopped at encampments.

The Hebrew translation of encampments is they received grace there. Grace for the journey! God had been revealing to them on this grace journey who He was and who they were.  Sons, not slaves.  This revealing was so that they would be prepared to take the Promise Land — revealing to them that He was their life — unfolding to them that at the creation of man He breathed the Breath of Lives (plural – the FULLNESS of Elohim!) IN mankind and NOTHING changed that! Revealing to them that every breath we breathe is the FULLNESS of His life IN us!

On the 9th of Av, Moses sent 12 spies out. Deuteronomy 1:22 tells us that it wasn’t God’s plan but that men approached Moses with this idea. Verse 21 says that Moses told them to look at the land God gave them that was theirs to possess (inherit) and that they weren’t to fear or be discouraged. The men responded by asking Moses if he would let them explore the land and bring back information as to how they should enter in and what the cities were like.  And Moses said the idea sounded good to him.

These weren’t just any men who were chosen to be the 12. These were anashim, men who were distinguished and important, who were respected members of their tribes. They were leaders, strong men with great reputations. Moses sent them ahead into the Promise land to gather intel. To see if the inhabitants of the land were strong or weak, few or many and if the cities were open land or had fortified walls. One of the first places they come to is Hebron. Hebron means “seat of association.” That should’ve served as a reminder to them of all they had learned in their journey of grace with God – that He is their association. They are in union with Him.

In this land they would meet enemies like, fear (Hittites), carnal sense realm knowledge (Amorites), temptation to compromise or turn back (Girgashites), insecurity or humiliation (Canaanites), sense of shame (Perizites), death (Hivites), knowledge of guilt and condemnation that comes from self-righteousness (Jebusites). But they were to remember that they had no association with those “giants” anymore. They were in union with The Eternal God – Yahweh Elohim!! Their only association was LIFE and BLESSING!

While the spies initial report when they returned seemed to be a faithful fulfillment of Moses’ directives, one word can change everything. Numbers 13:27 records their words, “We went into the land to which you sent us, and indeed, it is flowing with milk and honey. Here is some of its fruit!” The next verse says, NEVERTHELESS! “Nevertheless” is the Hebrew word “efes.”  Efes means “zero.” It is a word of total negation. It means no way, not a chance!  And then they gave their “God promised this BUT (efes)” reasons… they listed the giants they saw there.

Caleb and Joshua ignored the NEVERTHELESS talk and said, “Let’s go up AT ONCE and TAKE possession [Aleph Tav – IN CHRIST] for we are well able! Caleb and Joshua were thinking about the eternal inheritance that was theirs! But the men spoke up to the people in disagreement to what Caleb had declared. In Hebrew, they used the word “mimenu,” which carries a double meaning.  They said, “We cannot ascend against that people for they are stronger than we [mimenu].” While the word in Hebrew can mean the first-person plural “stronger than we,” it can also be read as “stronger than he.” With this one word, the spies subconsciously express their deepest fear — “Not only are we unable to prevail against the Canaanites; even He [God] isn’t strong enough!” Yes, the land is just as God said, BUT my experience (what I saw!) is stronger!!

Psalm 106:24 says that they despised (rejected/refused) the land and did not believe His promises. They were unpersuadable. And with this word “mimenu” they released hopelessness and fear into the hearts of the people. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Our words are powerful and can affect not only our destiny but other’s destinies as well. The unbelief that neutralized Israel was the lie they believed about themselves – we are grasshoppers in our sight, and the enemy is a GIANT. Their unbelief trapped them in a grasshopper mindset for 40 years WANDERING (perishing) in the wilderness. They died wandering in the wilderness, not because of an inferior salvation from slavery but because they believed the lie, that they were less than who God said they were. Not realizing that their enemies were already defeated and paralyzed with fear (Joshua 2:11) because the enemy heard that God was not only God in heaven but on earth IN THEM!!

Our Creator graced us with the same Holy Spirit that is Him. There is only ONE Spirit. But like the children of Israel, we see ourselves as separate from Him. Dividing who we are between spirit, soul, and body. We are a spirit, we have a soul – a mind, will, and emotions, and we live in a body. And while it’s true that we are spirit, we have a physical body, and we also have a mind, a will and emotions, that’s not how we God described us in Genesis 2:7. He created us with the FULLNESS that is Him. He breathed into us the Breath of Lives (the FULLNESS of Elohim), and it says we became a living soul! It doesn’t mean we became a living spirit, with a soul and living in a body. We became a living soul. In Hebrew, it says we became a soul alive!! A living being ALIVE with His breath! Other words used to describe soul are self, passion, desire. It is from the word “naphash” meaning to be refreshed! I LOVE that! Ephesians 1:4 says that we were IN CHRIST before the world began. Then He breathed His LIFE… the FULLNESS of Himself into us and REFRESHED us… brought us to life! REfreshed who we had always been IN CHRIST… His passion, His desire, His very SELF… image and likeness. Divine ones, breathing the breath of the Divine Ones (Elohim).

Paul understood that. Galatians 2:20 says I was crucified with Christ, I (me, myself and I – ego) no longer live; HOWEVER, Christ lives IN me; that which I now live in the flesh (as me! As a living soul alive!) I live through the faith OF the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. However, sounds a lot like the NEVERTHELESS that the spies spoke but instead of the emphasis on self… it is on His life IN Paul. Paul chose life! He awakened to the life that was IN him… Christ.

We don’t realize that there is only ONE Spirit, and He is the LIFE, the BREATH, of ALL men. For this reason, Paul said, many are weak (without strength), sick and falling asleep or dying (koimao means both). They believe their source is far away, having no awareness that the same Holy Spirit in the Father and Son is also their Holy Spirit in them. That the IS-ness and ALL-ness of Father’s Spirit is within every cell of their body!!

Never taught that they are and have always been holy, righteous, pure, and spirit rather than carnal. Instead,  taught that we are sinners separated from God and His Holy Spirit and then once we say a sinner’s prayer, we are now saved sinners, saved by His grace but retaining the name sinners! And so, we jump through hoops, eating from the DO to BE tree, hoping we can somehow please God and get Him to “visit” our churches, our homes, our families, etc. Zacchaeus ran into the same problem!

Zacchaeus was the despicable tax collector. He was spit at on the street, cursed at by children and people of all ages, and the religious leaders read his name (along with all the other local tax collectors) during the Sabbath in the synagogue declaring that he could NEVER be forgiven. Jesus comes along and sees him in a tree and calls him by name. Zacchaeus means clean and pure. He called to the Zacchaeus that was before the foundation of the world, “clean and pure one…. Image and likeness of God come down because today I dine in your house.”  Calling to him and us today,  to come down from the tree of the lie that we have ever lacked any part of God! That we were ever not COMPLETE image and likeness of God –  divine ones, ONE Spirit with God. To come down from that lying tree and recognize that He abides IN  our house… IN us, AS us and through us. That there is nothing we could ever do to change our nature – it is and always has been image and likeness of Me – eternal sons!

Zacchaeus responded to Jesus’ words with rejoicing and probably feeling clean and pure! But then, sure enough, people started murmuring!! Calling him a sinner. But when he hears these people call him a sinner – he responds to Jesus with law or works (Num 5:6-8).  Jesus is coming to his house, but he needs to make things right first! He needs to be clean and pure, to be pleasing to God, to be worthy of a visit in his house! He is responding to men’s accusation, responding to the lie of false identity (a sinner) with repentance, confession of sin, and repaying those he had taken from. And we tend to do the same things. Responding to the accuser of who we truly are by trying to please God.

Not realizing that God’s Spirit, our Holy Spirit, residing in us, abiding in OUR HOUSE, isn’t the result of anything we’ve done, but instead, it’s because we are sons FILLED with the FULLNESS of His life. A surface reading of the Bible will never reveal Christ in you. Paul said it was the mystery concealed but now revealed. It was concealed in the Old Testament, and we have concealed it once again in our sermons, teachings, etc. The word mystery is “musterion” and is a derivative of “muo” meaning to shut the mouth. It is a secret or mystery through the idea of silence imposed by initiation into religious rites. Religion shut our mouths! But no matter how much religion tries to silence us, it is like a fire shut up in our bones, and eventually, we won’t be able to hold it back!

The phrase “kept secret” comes from a root word “siopao” meaning to be silent at its root means muteness or inability to speak. Religion has kept us mute for too long about the eternal realities. All through the ages, men have sought to understand the mystery of life when all along the mystery or secret is that we are the embodiment of Father God.

Adam and Eve had that awareness… it wasn’t a mystery. It was their daily experience of walking in the cool of the day. But for some reason, they entered into unbelief, and in their thinking, they became separated from their life source, which was Holy Spirit! In their awareness, they left the realm of Spirit, thinking themselves to be void of Life and after that, they experienced the effects of death (sickness, disease, poverty, fear, lack, etc.). The reason for them leaving the realm of Spirit was the acceptance of the belief in two powers – good and evil. Dualism! The existence of God (good) and another power called evil. But there is only ONE Power, ONE Spirit, ONE Life…. There is only ONE God.

Adam gave another “power” existence in his thinking and passed that down to subsequent generations. The only thing that had changed in Adam’s life was his thinking and then consequently, his experiences.  Jesus said, My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. Adam knew the Voice! Genesis 3:8 says they heard the Voice (ha’kol). They heard The Voice walking in the garden in the cool of the day. In that beautiful enclosure (garden) of oneness, of the intimate union in Spirit (cool of the day!) it was the sound of the Voice that they heard. Ezekiel said in chapter 3:12 that in the realm of Spirit, he heard the Voice. John said he was IN Spirit and heard the Voice… Spirit is a dative noun meaning how something is don. In other words, how did he hear the Voice? IN Spirit!

Jesus declared that His sheep hear and follow Him. Follow (akoloutheo) in the Greek is the same word as walk in Hebrew (halak). Akoloutheo or follow is two words “a” which is a participle of union (making it unioning) and keleuthos meaning a road; properly it means to be in the same way with, i.e., to accompany. I love the word pictures that we get with the Hebrew language…. Halak is two letters lamed (staff) and kuf (hand). What a beautiful picture of walking with The Shepherd… or more clearly, living life as sheep in union with The Shepherd. Just like Adam heard The Voice as he lived life (halak) in the awareness of the enclosure (garden) of the oneness of life in the realm of Spirit, we (sheep) hear The Voice as we are unioning, as we are living life (following) IN the Spirit. Aware of His Presence, our Holy Spirit, living life IN us, AS us, and THROUGH us.

We must awaken to who we are IN CHRIST!  Jesus said, “out of your belly will flow rivers of Living Water!” In Hebrew, the picture of flow is a continuous flow. I like the Mirror translation.  You will discover uniquely for yourself, face to face with Me, that I AM what you are all about, and rivers of Living Water will gush out of your innermost being! It is Christ IN me, AS me and flowing or gushing continually through me! In Christ, ALL the FULLNESS of the Deity dwells bodily. And we are IN Him COMPLETE. I AM one spirit with Elohim (Father, Son, and Spirit).

Adam’s life consisted of spirit breathed into him – that’s what gave him breath – that’s what he breathed. It was his very existence… spirit! After Adam and Eve sinned, they judged themselves by appearance. God said who told you that there is any reality to that? Who told you that it has any power? It’s not God and something else… it’s simply God. It’s not God AND us. It’s God AS us – joined. It’s not God and life – He is life. And we are the same…we don’t HAVE life; we ARE life.

And if we are life, there is no death – if we are health there is no sickness – our awareness, our consciousness control our bodies. Death, sickness, and disease have no power; they are simply the absence of the realization and awareness of our wholeness! And to the degree we are walking in consciousness, we don’t have to take natural precautions even now in this life – because as He is so are we IN THIS LIFE. We don’t merely have wholeness… we ARE whole as He is whole!

All that we need to do to experience that life is awaken to our oneness. Jesus told Zacchaeus in Luke 19:5, I must stay at your house. In Greek, it doesn’t say “at” – it says IN your house. The word “must” means it was necessary; its root means binding.  Why was it binding for Jesus to abide IN Zacchaeus’ house? Because of the eternal reality of ONENESS. As sons of God we are the dwelling place of God, His abode. Genesis 2:7 says God breathed the Breath of Lives into man. He breathed ALL of Himself – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Lives) into man. That never changed – man as the dwelling place, the abiding place of God is binding! God never removed Himself from man – He breathed ALL of Himself… the FULLNESS of Him into man!

We lost our way…losing sight of who we have always been – image and likeness of God; sons filled with ALL of His life; His dwelling place! We’ve focused too much on the division of spirit, soul, and body. And the division of God’s Spirit and my spirit. We’ve been taught to “tap into” the Spirit through prayer, worship, meditation, confession, etc.… by “outside” means. Kind of like we are syncing our spirit with Holy Spirit like we sync our electronics!  Trying to “find” the realm of the Spirit outside ourselves…. Somewhere “out there;” when all along WE ARE SPIRIT and LIFE like our Father….  Same nature!

Monks thought it was found in isolation. Living in a cave separated from this “evil world.” Focusing on the “things” of the Spirit, trying hard to renew our soul (mind, will, and emotions) and crucify our flesh. Not realizing that it doesn’t come from anything we do or don’t do, but from the revelation of ONE Mind, ONE Spirit, ONE Body! There is no separation of God and us; we ARE His Mind, we ARE His Spirit, we ARE His body NOW in this life. Not in some age to come.

Dualism drowned out the Voice for Adam, and it drowns out the Voice for us today. Duality in the Mosaic law drowned out the Voice Paul, but when he awoke to the awareness of oneness, he experienced the life of union that always was. Same for John, legalism had drowned out the Voice in him. But, when he heard the Voice, he never left referring to himself as the one Jesus loved. John the beloved, leaned his head on Jesus’ breast, not just hearing the Voice but hearing His heart. What a beautiful picture of a hearing heart, or shema in Hebrew… the word we translate obedience. He was knowing the Voice and the Heart of the One who lives AS us.

Adam heard the Voice (Genesis 3:8) but John didn’t just hear, he intimately leaned into the Voice. John leaned against Him, cuddled up in His love (Mirror Bible). The Voice became his voice…. Oneness. The ancient Hebrew root word for the Greek verb lean or recline is engrave or pen. The Voice was engraved in John… it was etched or carved in him from before the foundation. Leaning into Spirit allowed that engraved Voice to give language to John’s voice, flowing through His pen. ONE Voice…. ONE Life flowing IN, AS and through John.

Isaiah 40 talks about the Voice calling in the wilderness.  Calling to those who are wandering and perishing (wilderness)…. Those who have lost their way, forgotten who they are. Forgotten they are ONE Spirit in Him. The Voice tells them to cry out! They ask what they should cry out! The Voice tells them to lift up their voice and say, “Behold, your God!” Behold (hinneh) is a prolongation of the Hebrew root word “hen.” Hen is a continual looking toward something.  Hinneh is to continue continually looking toward something.  Toward what? Hen, at its root, is a picture of arms extended out and saying “look!” It is when one sees a magnificent sight close by or in the distance, and he extends his arms out and sighs as if saying, “Ah, look or behold that!” It’s a looking toward a breathtaking sight or action. It’s a sigh of desire or a sigh of pain. A continually looking toward something desired…. Toward “THERE.”

The Voice is telling those who are wandering, who have lost the awareness of who they are (image and likeness of Him) to behold something so breathtaking, so glorious, so magnificent! Not to behold God but to behold YOUR God! Jesus (the Voice, the Word, the Logos!) in John 17 is crying out that they may know (be intimately aware) that they are ONE in Them (Father, Son, and Spirit). The Voice in Isaiah is crying out that they behold, and then continually continue to look at their ONENESS. The last verse in chapter 40 says and wait upon the Lord. Not beholding Him as our God and waiting for Him to do something for us. Wait is qavah and means to bind together as in twisting together in union. To behold… to continually continue to look at this glorious, breathtaking, beautiful eternal truth of ONE Spirit…. Elohim IN us, AS us, and flowing through us.

We are not accustomed to the idea that all we are seeking is already embodied within us. This is the great mystery… that we embody within ourselves the FULLNESS of Elohim. Not just a portion of our Father, Creator – but the ALL-ness and the IS-ness of God. Christ’s spirit is within every cell of our bodies… Eternality and Immortality in every cell.  ONE Power, ONE Mind, ONE Spirit, ONE Body – Them AS us and us AS Them in the earth! Abba has always been trying to get His sons to “choose” life… to awaken to ONE Life!










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