MA Essay – Biblical Studies – Living AS Holy Spirit – part 2

Our only goal as Believers as we walk through life, as we pray, as we minister, etc., should be a constant awareness of our ONENESS with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Trusting in the reality of our union and experiencing the substance that it produces…. the manifestations of our eternal inheritance IN HIM.

Jesus walked in the fullness of the Spirit without measure and as He is so are we in this world… having the fullness and limitlessness of the Spirit.  Jesus also walked in the full awareness of His union with the Father and the Spirit. And that seems to be where we fall short… living our lives fully aware of our intimate oneness with Elohim.

Paul said in Galatians 2:20 in the Distilled Bible Translation: I consider myself as having died and now enjoying a second existence, which is simply Jesus using my body!  We are God’s tabernacle, His temple, His resting place.  We are His body! To see us is to see God. John said we are the “sperma” of God. We have His DNA, His very nature. He is not just in our spirit, leaving our bodies and soul to our own care and upkeep. He is FULLY in us… He fills every cell, every nerve, every part of our brains, every part of our nervous system, etc. We are ONE. There is no us apart from God. Our union is indivisible. EXCEPT in our awareness. Our thinking determines our experiences in this life.

Rather than realizing and resting in His fullness in us, in His limitless supply in us, we have sought to seek God’s presence. Seeking an experience with Him. Seeking provision from Him.  Even seeking more of His Spirit in us…. Seeking to be continually filled rather than resting in the truth of FULLY FULL.  Or as I grew up hearing, “we are to continually be being filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18).” But I don’t believe Paul wasn’t talking about needing to be continually refilled or daily needing a fresh “filling” of Holy Spirit. How can we need a continual refiling if we have the inexhaustible FULLNESS of Him… the Omnipresence… the ONE Presence? Why would we daily need a fresh refilling? We do however need to walk in a daily awareness or reminder of how FULL we are!

The verse doesn’t say WITH the Spirit. It says be filled IN Spirit. Be filled is pleroo meaning to be full, be complete, abounding in, completely occupied with. Paul is talking about our lifestyle being one where we are aware of being complete and full in Holy Spirit. Be completely occupied in our awareness of His Presence IN us, AS us and flowing INEXHAUSTABLY through us… never needing to be refilled!! We are to be continually living IN the awareness of spirit life, not seeking a continual re-filling.

In the Old Testaments the lamps of fire each had a limited supply that required constant maintenance and continual refilling by the priests. After the oil was used, they needed a fresh refilling of oil the next day. BUT Zechariah saw something different. He saw oil flowing constantly from the inside out – a steady stream.  Psalm 52:8 says And I am a green (fresh) olive tree in the house of God. Passion Translation says I am like a flourishing olive tree, anointed in the house of God. Oil freely flows from us. Psalm 65:11 says that our paths drip with abundance (fat or oil). Everywhere we go we drip with the abundant flow of Holy Spirit.

We have ALL things that pertain to life and godliness on the inside of us.  ALL of the treasures of heaven are IN us. We have perfect communion with God. We are not waiting for break-through in our lives, complete breakthrough is IN us. We have the mind of Christ and know ALL things (now!). We have perfect hearing… Hebrews 5:9 in the Mirror Bible says, by His perfect hearing he forever freed mankind to hear what he had heard. There has been nothing held back from us. The problem isn’t in what we have or who we are as sons, the problem is most aren’t manifesting this fullness in their daily lives. We are FILLED with ALL the FULLNESS of God (Yahweh Elohim – Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Filled full! Nothing more can be added to us…. We can’t be made any fuller than we already are!

The root word of filled in Greek is pleres and is from a derivation of pletho (to be full). The Hebrew ancient root word equivalent of pletho is comprised of two letters (dalet and ayin) meaning “door of the eye.” Manifestation of the FULLNESS of Holy Spirit is effortless, but revelation of the truth of fullness is needed. Truth in Greek is alethea and was synonymous in ancient Greek culture for reality. We live in the reality of what we see… of our awareness of truth. Manifestation flows out of what we are seeing. In order to manifest His fullness in our daily lives, we must be aware of the truth that we are completely, perfectly, inexhaustibly FULL. We must see ourselves as He sees us.

In Song of Solomon chapter four there are seven (complete) facets of the bride mentioned. One of them is her having “dove’s eyes.” Doves have no peripheral vision they only have tunnel vision. It’s a singleness of vision… no distractions of things around you. They can see hidden things such as the ability to see stars during the day which aid them in navigation and the ability to see UV light. And they have sharp vision, they have the ability to focus in on very fine details at a great distance. When our awareness (our spiritual eyes) are single focused, focused on the “hidden” things IN us, conscious of the finest details of the spirit realm IN us THEN the manifestation will just gush forth like rivers of Living Water!

An awareness of Holy Spirit IN us, AS us and gushing forth from us will change the way we pray.  No longer will we pray asking for God to fill us, add to us, give something to us, or visit us. We won’t pray seeking His Presence, or for the heavens to be opened, or for our needs to be met (e.g., healing and provision). We will simply fellowship with Him who IS our life. But what does that look like? We had been used to prayer being begging, pleading, and demanding for things to manifest in the natural realm. I believe if we can rightly understand what Paul meant by praying with ALL prayer and supplication IN the Spirit then the flow of Holy Spirit through us, the manifestation of His life through us will be natural… or rather super-natural (super abundantly natural!)

Ephesians 6:18 the word prayer is proseuche meaning place of prayer. It’s from two words pros and euchomai. Pros indicates direction, forward to or toward; face to face is the direction. Euchomai is to pray. Proseuche is not a prayer we offer but a place that we pray from… face to face. It is the place of ONENESS where we commune with our Father. The Hebrew equivalent is an ancient root meaning “might subdued.” Zechariah 4:6 says not in might, nor in power but in My Spirit, says Yahweh of hosts.  Prayer isn’t about our strength… our diligence, passion, ability, etc. It is conversation with our Father IN our oneness of Spirit. That conversation flows out of what He has declared about us… the God Account of us.

Prayer in Hebrew is palal and one of its meanings is judgment. What has the Father decreed, declared and determined about us before the foundation of the world?  We are sons, image and likeness of Him, with all dominion over all the works of His hands, blessed with every spiritual blessing IN Christ. That is our conversation… we converse as beloved sons!

Paul also used the word supplication in that verse. Supplication according to Strong’s is a need, coming from a root word meaning to be in lack or in want. Also it means to beg. What a poor meaning. All that does is keep us focused on what we think we don’t have. When in reality we have ALL things that pertain to life and godliness. I realize there are times we “feel” that way… that we are lacking or in want of something that hasn’t manifested. But it is a false appearance of what is true… of what is real. We need to bring that back to the “place of prayer.” Back to the place of conversing face to face with Father about His judgment of us…. Realizing and resting in that judgment.

The word supplication in Hebrew is areshet and means request or desire in the sense of desiring to possess. It comes from an ancient root word meaning inheritance. I like that Paul added the words “with thanksgiving” after he used the word supplication.  We are not to beg God for desires or requests out of a sense of lack. Rather we are to desire to possess our inheritance…. Desire to “lay hold” of what has always been ours, our eternal inheritance IN CHRIST.

Understanding that ALL is already ours, we can’t have ALL things more fully than we already do. But we are to desire possessing our inheritance in the sense of understanding that it is fully ours and desiring the manifestation of ALL in our daily lives here and now. With thanksgiving literally means grace-ful (FULL of grace) for God’s grace. Understanding when we desire to possess our inheritance that we are already well favored and full of grace. It is to be mind-FULL of His favor in our lives.

I think our most important understanding of prayer is our co-seated-ness. He is seated and we are seated with Him…. IN the position of rest. Everything we do needs to flow from that place of rest…. That place of seated-ness! Even our prayer is from a seated position… resting in His finished work, resting in our eternal inheritance.  We’ve made prayer about standing… standing on His word, standing on His promises, standing in our victory, and of course when you’ve done all to stand, keep STANDING! I realize that the word standing in Ephesians 6 “in theory” for us means withstanding or continuing standing firm. But all of this “standing” talk, in regards to, prayer and faith keeps us focused on what we are to do and keeps us from remembering that we are SEATED with Him in heavenly places (spirit realm).

Hebrews 8 says it’s the main thing of all the writer was saying. It was the sum of all things…. The chief matter, the principle point! At its root it means the head in the sense of seizing. In other words, if you only get one thing, get this – He is seated (at rest) and we are seated (at rest) with Him.  In our daily walk – serving, worshipping, praying, confessing, meditating, on our jobs and in our businesses, our relationships, etc. In our living life – we are seated AT REST – FULL and OVERFLOWING of spirit and life! Stop standing and stay seated – in other words, lay hold of what that means.

Priests in Old Testament couldn’t sit. Hebrews 10:11 tells us that they stood DAILY! They couldn’t sit because their work never ended. They repeatedly offered the same sacrifices EVERY DAY and sins were never taken away. Standing is a picture of sin consciousness — those sacrifices offered while standing served as a continual reminder of sins.  A continual bringing to mind… being mind-FULL of weakness, lack, defeat and hopelessness. The ancient Hebrew root equivalent of reminder is a picture of a yoke. Sin consciousness is a yoke in our minds when we stand daily offering sacrifices for sin…. Praying prayers of “supplication,” begging God for what we feel we are lacking. Just like the priests offered sacrifices for the forgiveness of sins that they felt they lacked.

Jesus though offered ONE sacrifice (Himself) for sins – ONCE and FOR ALL – and then HE SAT DOWN! Sat down is a picture of IT IS FINISHED consciousness… an awareness that we are perfected FOREVER. Understanding that not just is IT finished… but WE are FINISHED, COMPLETE, PERFECT.

The Hebrew understanding of perfect is to tell or to give an account to another; to show yourself in front of another. It’s the God Account – giving to him His account of us!! When we grasp that we will stop “standing” and enjoy our seated-ness…. Understanding that supplication is not asking God to do something but rather conversing with Him His account of who we are and what we have. Showing forthHim…. If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father! It is understanding that we are the FULLNESS of Him. We have a High Priest who is seated. We are seated. We are finished, perfected and complete in our ENTIRE being.

Our High Priest is the Minister of both our sanctuary and tabernacle. In the holy places (sanctuary) and in our bodies (tabernacle). 1 Corinthians 6 says that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit in us. The fullness of God is not just in our spirits….. His FULLNESS is in our bodies. And He is the Minister OF both the sanctuary and the tabernacle… not the Minister TO but the Minister OF. This word Minister is leitourgos and means functionary; it had to do with the priestly service of the Temple. It is the same word that was used in Hebrews 10:11 – the priest stood daily ministering (leitourgon).  But our Minister is seated!!

The functionary (leitourgos) was the one who was responsible for the care and management of ALL that has been entrusted to him. So, Jesus ALONE – not us – is responsible for the care and maintenance of our sanctuary and tabernacle AND He’s seated! Meaning that our sanctuary and tabernacle are perfected, complete, and secure forever. IT IS FINISHED!  WE ARE FINISHED! Meaning that the health of our physical bodies is just as CERTAIN as the perfection of our spirit man!

There is nothing more for Him to do. He is at rest. And we are seated with Him. We are also in a position of rest. We can rest in knowing that we are COMPLETE. Romans 10:6 says we are not to say in our hearts “who will ascend into heaven? That is to bring Christ down from above.” And yet we do that all the time in prayer… “storming the gates of heaven” to get our prayers answered. Praying for an open heaven over our lives so that we can walk in His blessings. When all along our prayer life should be one of FULL awareness that the Minister of my sanctuary and tabernacle indwells me in ALL His FULL-ness and rest!

His Presence indwells me…. His indwelling IS the identity of the one indwelt. 1 Corinthians 6:17 says He who is joined to the Lord is ONE Spirit. We are ONE SPIRIT – HIM!! We have a single spirit and it is Him. We are not 2 separate identities… Robin and God. It is Robin IN Christ – ONENESS; SINGLE IDENTITY! I am not one WITH Him, but IN Him. In spirit, I AM HIM! And HE IS ME! Perfect, complete, finished ONENESS! I am not just 1/3 complete or 1/3 spirit, as in my spirit is redeemed but my soul and flesh are not fully redeemed yet. NO, He (the fullness of Him) and I (the fullness of me – spirit, soul and body) are ONE SPIRIT.

Ephesians 5:30 says for we are members (limbs and parts) of His body. And then just so we don’t miss it, Paul adds… of HIS flesh and of HIS bones. I am bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. Our identity – mine and Gods – is a single identity. It unites us with Him AS Him and Him with us AS us. NOT in spirit only but also in flesh and bones… one in physical identity as well! We are Him and He is us IN EVERY RESPECT!

And we have to understand that Paul wrote Ephesians from a revelation of an eternal perspective. Understanding that we have ALWAYS been bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh… always been ONE SPIRIT! This has to be our foundation that prayer flows from. It has to be the basis of our conversations with Abba…. Our oneness, our singleness, of identity spiritually and naturally. We are the tangible, physical expression of Him (Mirror Bible of Eph 5:30) in this life… in the here and now!

Zechariah 3 talks about the high priest Joshua and then in Zechariah 4 it talks about Zerubbabel the prince of Judah. Both together represent a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9). They represent our two-fold mantle as kings and priests. And according to 1 Peter 2:9 as kings and priests we are to declare the FINISHED (eternally finished) realities of our union in Him. Kings and priests represent our earthly (natural) and heavenly (spiritual) authority. As sons, as kings and priests, we rule and reign in this life IN rest… or from our position of ONE SPIRIT.

 Zechariah saw a day when this rule would be manifest and seen in the earth (Zech 14:9), saying, “Yahweh shall be King over all the earth; on that day Yahweh will be ONE and His name ONE.  Funny thing about this prophetic word by Zechariah, is that the words “shall be” are in the perfect, completed, finished tense. I heard Mike Miller teaching on healing and saying that the prophets didn’t actually speak in future tense but in past tense… finished tense. Zechariah saw a day – before the foundation of the world we were IN CHRIST – ONE SPIRIT. There has never been a time that He was not King over ALL the earth – the earth is the Lord’s and the FULLNESS thereof. There was never a time when Yahweh was not ONE SPIRIT and His name/nature ONE (Yahweh Elohim)… Hear O’ Israel, Yahweh our Elohim Yahweh IS ONE (echad). NEVER has there been a time when God was not on the throne (we are His throne)… ruling and reigning IN and AS us in the earth! Zechariah prophesied a perfect, complete, finished eternal reality that would be SEEN in the earth.

Paul speaks of this as a present reality in 1 Timothy 1:7, calling Jesus the King of the Ages, the Immortal, Invisible ONLY God (ONE SPIRIT) and in Romans 5:17 telling us that we reign in life completely, successfully, 100% through (dia in Greek) the ONE Jesus Christ. Revelation 1:6 calls us a kingdom of priests… we go forth declaring a word of reconciliation between heaven (spirit) and earth (natural).Declaring that there is no separation between spirit and natural… only a single identity – ONE SPIRIT IN and AS us, the tangible physical expression of a royal priesthood.  Authority and dominion in BOTH realms. The Patriarchs of old were famous for their natural AND spiritual authority. Abraham owned the riches of more than five kingdoms (physical natural realm) and also healed the entire nation of physical barrenness with ONE prayer (spiritual realm).

We are wall to wall Spirit (as Kay Fairchild says) – God IN us, AS us and through us. As we allow Holy Spirit to open our spiritual eyes to behold Him AS us – as ONE SPIRIT – then we will begin to see the manifestations that we have been longing to see (health, prosperity, peace, WHOLENESS in every area of our lives). Those manifestations into the natural realm are the result of our awareness of the FULLNESS of us AS one Spirit. In Acts 19:2 John’s disciples told Paul that they hadn’t heard that there existed a Holy Spirit! People had gotten so bound up in religion (Mosaic law – the DO to BE) that they hadn’t even heard about the Holy Spirit. Even though the Spirit of God was extremely active in ancient days in the lives of men and women.

While I don’t personally know of anyone who hasn’t heard of the Holy Spirit, there are definitely multitudes of people who haven’t heard of the reality of His FULLNESS in them, as them, desiring to flow through them. Like Paul we need to ask believers if they’ve “grasped” or “layed hold” of the awareness of Holy Spirit’s life in them AS them.

Without that awareness we will continue to beg God asking Him for things we already have IN us, asking Him to “move” on our behalf in favor, grace, wisdom, etc., and we will continue to feel lack and need in our lives because there is no manifestation of the Spirit life in our daily walk. But there is a Most Holy Place where we have begun to understand that we are ONE SPIRIT with God. That is the place where we are no longer asking God, petitioning Him, for natural things. But where we are living in the IS-ness and NOW-ness of ONE SPIRIT… where our conversations with our Father flow out of that awareness. Knowing that He is the law of our being and the Source of our life…. That we are ONE SPIRIT!




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