Final Essay! MA Biblical Studies – Infinite Awareness

I absolutely loved this Biblical Studies program! I have learned so much. I started GGS almost 2 years ago, and the change in my thinking is astounding, and these Biblical Studies courses have deepened my awareness of the oneness that is Elohim (Father, Son, and Spirit) IN me, AS me and THROUGH me. It also increased my awareness of my eternality, that just as there has never been a time that God was not, there has also never been a time that I was not. I have always been IN CHRIST from before time began and I am in the earth just spirit slowed down to visibility. There is no division of spirit, soul, and body. I am wholly spirit, my entire being… spirit, soul, AND body is 100% spirit! And 100% fully redeemed. I am not ⅓ redeemed in my “spirit” while my soul is in the process of redemption, and my body has to wait until heaven someday to be fully redeemed. That is an understanding that the body of Christ desperately needs to get a hold of — WHOLE MAN REDEMPTION NOW!

I didn’t experience salvation until I was 25. And then my husband and I after several years in Assembly of God churches, we began attending Word of Faith churches. I am so thankful for what we learned in both organizations. In both, we learned about the Christ-life message, and the beautiful truth of IT IS FINISHED.  But as I was sharing with my husband everything I was learning in these Biblical Studies courses, his comment was, “it sounds like Word of Faith 2.0.” And truly it is… it takes what we learned in Word of Faith, such as the Christ-life and the finished work teaching to a deeper level, a greater awareness. And it undoes some of what we had learned, such as spiritual warfare and penal atonement, teaching the power of rest, the eternal perspective of the finished work and an awareness of complete ONENESS instead.


In Matthew 13:52 Jesus was talking to them about understanding the parables He spoke, and He said, “Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is a householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.” The Greek word scribe here is “grammateus” and in Hebrew is “saphar” meaning to count. And literally, it means “one who recounts,” as one who records an accounting. Abba told me several years ago that I was to empower His people. One of the definitions of empower is to make someone stronger or more confident! And a couple of months ago He led me to Romans 14:12 So then every one of us shall give an account of himself to God (KJV)… showing me that it is not an account of ourselves that we are to give, but His account of us that we give to Him. Holy Spirit spoke the phrase “giving The God Account!” Give means to yield to, to receive and to utter. Empowering His people is to teach them to give the God Account of themselves, which then strengthens and gives them confidence.

Jesus said every scribe gives The God Account and has an understanding (has been discipled) of the spiritual realm and he is the master of the house who brings forth out of his treasure old and new. We haven’t done that well in the body of Christ because we haven’t understood the old, or even the new for that matter, from an eternal perspective, from the understanding of the Father who IS ONLY LOVE. We haven’t known how to give people the God Account of themselves from the treasure, from the record of Abba in the Old and the New. These Biblical Studies courses address that and teaching how to do just that. Showing that the God of the Old is the same as the God of the New… Abba is LOVE all the way through! He is passionate about His mankind… His sons… ALL the way through from Genesis to Revelation!

Isaiah 58:12 says, And, they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in. He’s talking about a people who have awakened to who God (Father, Son, and Spirit) IN them, AS them and THROUGH them.  Those who have awakened to the reality of only One Power, One Presence, One Mind, and the non-power of false appearances. They have awakened to their oneness that they have always had with the Father from before the foundation of the world. They have awakened to the understanding that they have always been righteous, holy, without blame and saved from before time began. And understanding that they have never really been in Adam, they just thought they were.

These are a people who have risen up to a higher awareness of their Christ life and are now called the repairers of the breach and the restorers of the paths to dwell, abide, or rest in. They are the scribes who understand the true spiritual realm and are bringing forth the treasures of the old and new… The God Account. Repairing the gap… hedging (the ancient root for repairing) their awareness in the beautiful enclosure (another ancient root for repairing) of their eternal ONENESS… Of God (Father, Son, and Spirit) IN them and AS them.

Restoring the paths! I love that phrase. Jeremiah said in 6:16 that the path is good and it has rest for our souls… our “nephesh,” our ENTIRE being – spirit, soul, and body! Proverbs 12:28 says there is NO death in that path, ONLY life! Restoring is from an ancient root meaning to return or literally, to press to the tent! Pressing into the tent of His dwelling place…. into the awareness of ONENESS that we are… to rest in the ONE Life that is IN us and AS us. To rest in the GOOD path.

Isaiah called it the Highway of Holiness. An awareness of the spirit realm that is more real than the natural, earthly realm we walk in. There is no lion or ravenous beast on this highway… no enemy to be found! Nor shall any enemy go up on it. ONLY the redeemed (ALL men) are on this highway. It is a place of high awareness of ONLY ONE Power, ONE Life.  A high awareness of WHOLE MAN REDEMPTION! The ancient root of redeemed means dancing in a circle… oh, it’s the consciousness of this beautiful dance of ONENESS… of Father, Son, Spirit and me dancing! Twirling about in divine union… They in me and me in Them… living, laughing, and loving AS ONE!

Highways in the Old Testament were designed for ease of travel, unhindered because ALL obstacles have been removed. Isaiah 57:14 says that we are to say “build up, or lift up the highway!” He goes on to say prepare the way. Prepare is to turn or to face… we are to face the way. Jesus is the Way. As we face Him, as we behold Him, we discover IN HIM who we truly are, and we see that we are IN HIM face to face in beautiful ONENESS with the Father, Son, and Spirit! Every stumbling block to that awareness has been removed. EVERYTHING that could cause us to stumble. Or as it means in the ancient root word, EVERYTHING was removed that could cause us to topple or to fall over in death or from being pushed!!  A high-way… a road built up and raised above its surroundings. An awareness of being raised up above the appearance realm…. An awareness of our co-seated-ness IN HIM.

Isaiah was a bold declarer that man needed to cease trusting the appearance realm, or living as one whose breath is in their nostrils. He said religious man is of no account! Mankind living “doing to BE” is of no account… the only true account is the God Account of who we are and always have been. He said to cease living in that awareness… sever or reject that kind of thinking. That realm of thinking that lives in duality… believing in a greater power and a lesser power; a good and evil realm of understanding. That kind of thinking keeps us from living in the awareness and experiencing WHOLE MAN REDEMPTION. Wholeness in every area… physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, and socially.  Nothing missing and nothing broken in our lives. When we can’t see the true nature of things, we set up an illusion. We look at it and misinterpret its true nature. Our awareness has to be IN CHRIST. Understanding that anything that would attempt to rise up and oppose that in our thinking, such as death, sickness, disease, poverty, etc., is as Isaiah said a NO thing, in fact, less than NO thing. It is a false appearance that has no power except the power we give to it in our thinking.

Jeremiah had the same message. Just like Isaiah, he saw the vanity of vanities or the emptiness of religion and carnal thinking. And just like Isaiah, he looked through those things, discerning ONLY the true nature, and he beheld the glory of glories or that which was of true substance! Seeing that the glory of glories is the IS-ness and NOW-ness of God! How was Jeremiah able to see clearly in spite of all the corruption that was around him? The word of the Lord came to him!

We need a word of the LORD awakening in our churches today. Not our carnal, sense realm understanding of the word, or rather what we think the word is saying. For too long we’ve interpreted Scripture from the appearance realm…. From the place of judging the world around us by the seeing of the eye and the hearing of the ear. Seeing chaos and corruption in our world and then believing God also sees the world that way and so we interpret His word from that point of view.

Jeremiah says in chapter 7:4 Do not trust in deceitful words saying, the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, are these!  We do that in the church… saying that only those who are “born again,” who have repented and asked the Lord to come into their heart are the temple, the dwelling place of God. Believing that He only lives in “these” that have asked him to be their personal Lord and Savior. For too long we have had an “us and them” mentality… but God has no us and them. He only has sons… His dwelling place is ALL mankind.

Then Jeremiah goes on to say in verses 5-8 that if one comes to the realization of righteous judgment – which is not seeing by seeing-eye or hearing according to the hearing hear but judging according to what is right.  Judging according to what is God, what is Life and what is Spirit then —

  1. They will not oppress the stranger or as Paul referred to them, the dead in Christ. We won’t try to jerk them out of sin or “unrighteousness.” Rather we will show them who they are IN CHRIST, judging (declaring, decreeing, and determining) them as eternally righteous, holy, and blameless. We won’t judge between US and THEM… judging us in covenant and them out of covenant with God.
  2. We won’t oppress the fatherless or those who have no understanding of their sonship. Those maybe like the prodigal son, who have forgotten who they are as image and likeness of Abba, and are living a rebellious life far from home. Instead we’ll remind them who their Daddy is and what their true home is like!
  3. We won’t oppress the widow. The bride who has forgotten that she is married to Christ and is unaware of her complete ONENESS with Him. Feeling separated from Him.  Instead, we will remind them of that eternal union that has always been theirs IN CHRIST.
  4. We will not shed innocent blood. In other words, we won’t kill with the law. We won’t minister a sin conscious message to people. The law required the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of “sins.” Instead, we will minister reconciliation, realizing that ALL are innocent, righteous, holy!
  5. And we will not walk after other gods. In other words, we won’t see other gods… giving power to the false appearance realm. We will only behold the glory of glories… looking through the false appearance of these other “gods” such as sin, sickness, the devil, etc.

Oppression is to rob or defraud someone. It is to press on to someone deceit. Religion has done that for far too long. Robbing mankind of the truth of who mankind is and always has been… divine IN CHRIST! So when we’re looking through the vanity of vanities, when we’re not judging people by their false ideas and behaviors, we’re going to see the true nature of things — that ALL men were reconciled and ALL men were saved. We’re no longer judging people by the flesh — but judging them all in the Righteous One. Having the awareness that no matter what it looks like, no matter what man’s behavior, ALL men are in covenant with God… sons and brides in intimate oneness with Him. That releases the faith, His faith, which releases their faith, and then they will experience that eventually (Romans 1:17).

Judgment is ALWAYS unto victory, not unto condemnation (Matt 12:20). Judgment is a decision-making process – it is looking through appearances and seeing things the way our Father sees them There is a priority of awareness that is coming in this hour where it is ALL about Him and beside Him is no other! There is NO other power!  He is ALL in ALL. We have His nature, His mind, His heart, His spirit, His soul, His body, ALL in FULLNESS. And all that we have to do is walk in the awareness of that, and we will experience our WHOLENESS. In that fullness, that wholeness is no fear of anything in the appearance realm…. But total confidence and security in ONE Power and ONE Presence IN us and AS us.

The 3 Hebrew boys in the book of Daniel experienced the non-power of their circumstances.  The fire had no power or no effect. The word effect is to domineer or master. They had ONLY One Master and He was in the fire with them loosening their bonds. And their bodies were NOT burned. That is unimaginable in our natural reasoning or carnal knowledge. 1 Cor 3:16: know ye not that you are a temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwells in you?  The Spirit of God dwells IN us and AS us… in perfect complete rest. We are His habitation, not just our spirit or soul but in spirit, soul AND body. The WHOLE MAN is the dwelling place of God (Father, Son, and Spirit). 1 Thes 5:23 tells us in the Amplified that we were sanctified THROUGH AND THROUGH.

People though are still waiting for the day when they reach heaven, and their bodies will take on immortality — when they will be finally FULLY redeemed.  BUT the Immortal One is already IN us AS us and as we live from the Immortal One Christ — it will affect our bodies. It will affect every cell of our body, so that no matter what tries to invade our spirit, soul OR body – it is a no thing. And I believe we can get to a high place of awareness, where no invasion takes place whatsoever.  NOTHING is invading Jesus!! And AS He is so AM I., Our bodies are simply SPIRIT slowed down to visibility. Our body is the temple of the LORD! It is just as spirit as our spirit is!

Then in verse 19 of chapter 6 in Corinthians, Paul asks them a question.  He says, “Know ye not that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit in whom you have from God? And you are NOT your own.” Know is oidate meaning know, remember, appreciate; perceive! To be aware.  To know is in an ancient Hebrew root meaning to “lift the harvest” or be sheer. It is to see through! See-through whatever seems to be hindering a clear view, whatever weighs you down (like sheep who are shorn). The phrase, your own, is a 3rd person reflexive meaning “itself” –meaning your body is not “itself” – it is the temple of Holy Spirit.  It is spirit slowed down to visibility. Verse 20 says, For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. Bought is redeemed. How could we glorify God in our body if it hasn’t been redeemed? It says, our body is God’s! In other words, we’re bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh! We are the body of Christ – He is both Head and Body.  The only thing that was burned on the 3 Hebrew children were their bondages! It says they were loose or shera, which means loosen, abide or dwell. It is to abide from the idea of loosening loads at encampments. It is to SET FREE!

WHOLE MAN REDEMPTION! I think those have become three of my favorite words lately! I definitely used to think that our bodies would someday be completely redeemed. Believing that until then, we would have to continue to fight a battle against an enemy, ALWAYS from a “seated position of victory.” Believing that the battle was simply to “maintain” my victory that Jesus won for me. Though truly how great of a victory is it really if I have to maintain it with my own faith?? So, I was constantly doing warfare against an unseen enemy who was always attacking. Attacking if I did well and was in the perfect will of God and attacking if I messed up and was not walking in the will of God. Always binding and loosing, confessing, repenting, etc. Sometimes experiencing victory and bearing fruit in the area of healing or prosperity and other times NOT! Trying to figure out what I did “right” when I experienced victory so that I could experience it again!

Then I got an understanding of war no more!!! Understanding that IT IS FINISHED (tetelestai) in Greek is a battle term that was a shout from the commander to the soldiers to put down their weapons and go home because the battle, the war, is OVER!! I’m not in a war with an unseen enemy… and truly, I never was! That simple revelation has caused some of the greatest changes in my life.  Fear has left… completely. I have no fear of “spiritual” attacks! I no longer believe in a “devil” or “demons.” I walk in complete peace and victory ALL the time. I now KNOW that my body can’t be attacked by sickness or disease — which has nothing to do with me walking by faith, or “using my faith” — but rather walking in the revelation that I have ZERO association with sickness and disease because I am dead to sin and alive to God!

We need a revelation of our FULL redemption from ALL false appearances of anything and everything that opposes who we truly are and always have been IN CHRIST. Exodus 14:30 tells us that the Egyptians were dead on the seashore. Egyptians are a type of death, representing all of the manifestations of death — sickness, disease, poverty, lack, etc. God spoke through Moses to the people, saying, “Stand firm and see the salvation of your LORD. These Egyptians you see today, you will see no more FOREVER!” Jesus COMPLETELY, FULLY conquered death! We don’t have to keep looking over our shoulders for a pursuing enemy of sickness, disease or lack…. They are ALL dead on the seashore!! One of our friends was recently diagnosed with cancer, and when the doctor did a recent examination, they told her, “we can’t find cancer!” WHOLE MAN REDEMPTION is the understanding that we can’t “find” sickness, disease, poverty, lack, addiction, fear, etc….. They can’t be found no matter how hard you try because they aren’t there! We don’t have a Greater Power in us trying to overcome lesser powers that come against us… there is only ONE Power IN us and AS us.

As long as we are warring enemies, we stay in cycles of victory and defeat, not experiencing fruit that remains. In the book of Judges, we see people who went through cycles of victory and defeat. In chapter 6, verse 1 it says they did “the” evil in the sight of the LORD. The evil was idolatry – they had other gods. Idolatry represents false ideas and concepts about God. 1 John 5:21 says to keep yourself from idols. The word idols is an image or false god… the root is to see or perceive. Israel was worshipping idols because they didn’t discern the true nature of the ONE God. Verse 20 of  1 John 5, before it tells us to keep ourselves from idols, says that Jesus came and gave us understanding (in our minds; full reasoning) so that we may KNOW (intimately know) Him (the Father) who is True and that we are IN Him who is True, IN His Son Jesus Christ.

It goes on to say in Judges 6, verse 1 that the LORD delivered them into the hands of the Midianites. But God didn’t deliver them to the enemy! A good Father doesn’t do that! Because they worshipped idols – because they had a false concept of God – they delivered themselves in their own awareness to the Midianites.  Midianites mean strife or warring. Their false concept of God put them in bondage to warring or striving mentality. Strife and war cause us to forfeit our peace or rest; causing us to forfeit a perpetual experience of victory in our lives. And strife will build within us strife – it breeds strife, fear, a warring consciousness, a false awareness of thinking you have to fight for everything.  A false concept of God causes us to give a power to strife, to warring. Thinking that God will “one day” redeem us fully (by redeeming our bodies) is a false concept of God. And keeps us in a warfare mentality thinking “satan” can attack our bodies which aren’t redeemed yet and we have to fight to keep our victory until the day when we can rest in that full redemption, and satan can’t touch our bodies ever again.

Verse 6 says that Israel was greatly impoverished because of the Midianites (strife or war).  And it says the children of Israel cried out to the LORD. The same thing is true of the church today…. They are greatly impoverished IN THEIR THINKING. While in reality, they have ALL things that pertain to life and godliness, EVERY spiritual blessing, and they have the FULLNESS of God (Father, Son, and Spirit) IN them AS them. But because their awareness is impoverished, weak and feeble, they are continually crying out to the Lord to do what He has already done for them…. Deliver them, heal them, prosper them, save them, etc.  Giving a power to false appearances of sickness, disease, death, poverty, lack, etc. Not discerning the true nature of the ONE God IN them and AS them (1 John 5:20).

In verses 7-8 of chapter 6 in Judges, it says God sent Israel a prophet. He sent them a word — I brought you up out of Egypt and brought you forth out of the house of bondage.  What is this prophet telling these people that are impoverished (weak and feeble) and they have strife/war (Midianites) coming against them and the dust dwellers, the low realm thinkers (Amalekites), and carnal wisdom (children of the East)… he’s saying REMEMBER SOMETHING.  This is the same message He’s speaking to the church today –REMEMBER SOMETHING!

What are we to remember? Verse 8 in Hebrew says that Yahweh, a man, a prophet was sent to them and said to them: “Thus says Yahweh, God of Israel, I brought you or raised you IN CHRIST (Aleph Tav) from out from sin (Egypt) and raised you IN CHRIST (Aleph tav + the word you) from out from the house of bondage (slavery to sin [Egypt]).”  POWERFUL REMINDER for them and for us!! Jesus was sent as a man, as a prophet – He was Yahweh (I AM that I AM) to raise us out of sin (mistaken identity). Raised in the Hebrew ancient root is yoke. He became sin (took the yoke)! And raised us (in Christ) out of bondage or the slavery to sin — we were co-raised (yoked IN HIM) with Him and delivered from the slavery or bondage to sin!!

He was telling them to remember when they were brought out of Egyptian bondage. He is telling us to remember we were co-crucified and co-resurrected with Him… that we are NOW dead to sin and alive to God.  He was reminding them of victory so that they would no longer give a power to the Midianites, Amalekites, and children from the east. He is reminding us that sin and death are a non-power in our lives. They were FULLY, COMPLETELY conquered! And ALL of the effects of that bondage – fear, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, etc. DEAD ON THE SEASHORE AND WE WILL SEE THEM NO MORE FOREVER!

Until we have that awareness, we will stay impoverished in our thinking, serving false idols – having a false concept of God. Feeling like we need to do spiritual warfare against a defeated enemy, and feeling like we need to “appease” God through our doing and obedience so that we will be blessed – healed, prospered, delivered, etc. Not realizing that He is ALL in ALL (Yahweh!).  We will continually go through cycles of victory and defeat as long as we judge things in our life by the appearance realm rather than the true nature of things. Giving power to our experiences (death, sickness, disease, lack, etc) rather than realizing there is only ONE Power (Life, Health, Abundance!). We have to stop allowing our “experiences” with these false appearances to be our concept of God. IN HIM is no death, sickness, disease or lack… there is only WHOLENESS.

How do we begin to experience WHOLENESS as our ONLY experience in life? Jeremiah 1:10 says, “See, this day I have….” Jeremiah saw this day as a day that was coming, BUT when he heard the word of the LORD say “this day” THEN the day that was coming became the “now is” in his thinking.  The church has seen WHOLE MAN REDEMPTION (especially full redemption of the physical body) as a day that is coming. We need to hear the word of the LORD like Jeremiah did and have a NOW-ness and an IS-ness awareness. John 5:25 says the hour is coming and NOW IS! What makes the hour that is coming the NOW IS? Simply, walking in the in the conscious awareness and looking through the vanity of vanities and beholding the glory of glories – beholding that which is true substance. Refusing to give a power to the appearance realm, realizing and resting in the truth that there IS only ONE Power, ONE Mind, and ONE Presence IN us, AS us, and continually flowing THROUGH us NOW in this life!

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