No enemy or devil pursuing you!

You don’t have an enemy pursuing you. I know we’ve been taught to believe that. But we don’t need to continue to bind sickness and disease. Nor do we need to bind spirits of this and spirits of that. We ONLY need a revelation that FINISHED means FINISHED.
“And the LORD said unto Moses, Stretch out thine hand over the sea, that the waters may come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots, and upon their horsemen.” 27 And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, 28 and the sea returned to his strength when the morning appeared, and the Egyptians fled against it, and the LORD overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea.” (Exodus 14:26-28, KJV)

As the children of Israel were crossing over on dry land, the Pharaoh and the Egyptians continued to pursue them. But the LORD overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea. Contrary to popular opinion, satan is NOT pursuing you!! Pharaoh (a type of satan) was with them and overthrown in the midst of the sea as well! 

The Red Sea is a type of the blood of Christ. Verse 27 tells us that He overthrew the Egyptians (a type of death – sickness, disease, lack, etc.) in the midst of the Red Sea.” The word overthrow is “naar” in Hebrew, meaning to shake off. The root of the word means to growl through the idea of the rustling of mane, which usually accompanies the lion’s roar. God shook off or overthrew the Egyptians for the Israelites.
For ALL mankind, the Lion of Judah roared IT IS FINISHED and shook off satan, sin, death! And everything that came with that – sickness, disease, poverty, lack, addiction, etcetera!!

And then verse 28 tells us that not so much as one of them remained!!


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