The cataclysmic event that changed the world…..

What if 2000 years ago was the catalyst that changed EVERYTHING? What if Hosea and Isaiah saw something that we haven’t fully grasped. What if on the third day ALL mankind rose with Him? What if a nation (ALL mankind) was saved in a day, on that beautiful, glorious day 2000 years ago? And what if we grabbed ahold of that and believed it? Would it change how we see ourselves, our circumstances, and how we see one another? What if we understood that everything hindering our ability to see like God and think like God, to rule and reign in life, was COMPLETELY removed at the cross? What if co-resurrection means that we fully co-resurrected with His mind, His faith, His victory, His beliefs, His awareness!

A note from the author……”My heart for you as you read this book is that you see that you are absolutely perfect in the Father’s eyes! You can’t become more perfect than you already are. His heart is captivated by you! He won’t be more captivated by you if you try harder, learn more, or finally get your act together! He is passionate about you right NOW. He sees your life, your struggles, your pain, and insecurities….He sees how you see yourself. And He’s calling you to go with Him on an intimate journey to discover the you that He sees. The you who is ALREADY perfect, complete, whole, and beautiful! This book is meant to challenge how you see God. My hope is that you realize that God is not waiting for you to do more before He moves on your behalf. But rather embrace the FULL, dramatic, hyper-grace reality of IT IS FINISHED!”


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