Zoom notes for 1/18/21

John 1:4: In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.

Mirror: His life is the light that defines our lives.

  • In Him WAS life
  • AND that life IN Him WAS the light of men (or mankind) 
  • Was – Greek: exists. Imperfect indicative… meaning continue to be… was, is, and always will be
  • In other words there NEVER was a time that life was not IN Him 
  • AND there Never was a time that the life IN Him was not mankind’s life…. OT and NT
  • John in chapter 1 is discussing the eternal union of the Father, Son, and Spirit and here in v. 4 he includes mankind in that union…. Their life has always been our life. ONE LIFE!

But the darkened understanding that men walked in interfered with the manifestation of the radiance of God’s life IN them.

Ephesians 4:18 tells us that after Adam fell, and mankind after him walked in darkness — in their minds, in their understanding — because of a hardened heart ruled by ignorance; a mind veiled through unbelief.

  • 1 Peter 2:9 says that He called us out of that darkness into His marvelous light
  • Col 1:13 says we were delivered out of that dominion of darkness and transferred us into His kingdom
  • Mirror: He rescued us from the dominion of darkness (the sense-ruled world, dominated by the law of performance) and relocated us into the kingdom where the love of his Son rules.

John 1:4 told us that there was NEVER a time Their life IN Him was not our light

It wasn’t that light was absent IN us…. It was absent from our awareness

  • A darkened understanding veiled the truth of our redeemed design from us. 

2 Cor 4:4 (MIrror): …..The veil of unbelief obstructs a person’s view and keeps them from seeing what the light of the gospel so clearly reveals: the glory of God is the image and likeness of our Maker redeemed in human form; this is what the gospel of Christ is all about.

  • What “empowered” darkness was the lie that we believed about ourselves!

Ephesians 5:8: For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.  Walk as children of light,

Mirror – You were there once, trapped in the same darkness, but now you are light; your life confirms that light rules.

  • Greek says – you were once darkness, NOW however light IN the Lord

Luke 1:79 tells us that mankind was sitting in or abiding in darkness and the shadow of death

  • Jesus came in the Incarnation to show us the Light… to reveal to us who we have always been

But mankind ALWAYS had the life and light of God (Father, Son, and Spirit) IN them – Their nature has always been our nature.

Eph 5:13 – But everything exposed by the light becomes visible,b for everything that is illuminated becomes a light itself.

Mirror: Darkness loses its grip upon that which light manifests. Light displaces darkness.

John 1:9: The true Light who gives light to EVERY MAN was coming into the world.

Mirror – A new day for mankind has come. The authentic light of life that illuminates everyone was about to dawn in the world!

2 Cor 4:6: For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Mirror – The light source is founded in the same God who said, “Light, be!” And light shone out of darkness! He lit the lamp in our understanding so that we may clearly recognize the features of his likeness in the face of Jesus Christ reflected within us.

  • MADE His Light shine in our hearts — FINISHED! Done!
  • aorist, indicative! Aorist – Past tense finished action Indicative – that happened at a point in time. 
  • 2k years ago!! 
  • ALL darkness…. Everything that hindered our being able to see Their Life IN us and be able to reflect that Life in the earth was removed!! 

Eph 5:14 tells us to AWAKEN to it!

Mirror – This is the message of light: Christ awakens you from your intoxicated slumber and resurrects you out of the death trap of enslaved thought patterns.

Darkness is not a force, it is the absence of light!

The ONLY way to continue in darkness today is to close your eyes…. And even then it’s only perceived darkness… His light shines in ALL men’s  hearts so that they can clearly 

recognize the features of His likeness in the face of Jesus reflected IN US.

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