Not Just Healed but Whole – The Main Point – pt 1 — Bible study

Tonight's Bible Study... Hebrews 8:1 - The Main Point - He is Seated! I. Intro/Recap A few weeks ago we began a teaching series on Not Just Healed but Whole And we started it with the words of Jesus IT IS FINISHED! It is finished is a perfect verb tense meaning a completed action with [...]

Spiritual Warfare Bible study – part 2

Notes for teaching are below the video   I.  Intro I am not here to tell you what to believe regarding spiritual warfare I am simply challenging you to make your understanding of IT IS FINISHED bigger than it is right now. I believe as it gets bigger what you currently believe about warfare [...]

Spiritual Warfare Bible study – pt 1 – video and notes

Notes for this teaching are below the Video   Last week we looked at Jesus’ final words IT IS FINISHED! In Greek it is tetelestai meaning completed, perfected, brought to a close. It was an accounting term used to mark a debt paid in full. It was a slave term used to show that [...]

Not Just Healed but Whole (IT IS FINISHED pt. 1) – NOTES

Tonight we start up our Bible study again on Thursday nights via Facebook live at 6:30pm. We will be doing a study on Not Just Healed but Whole. Here are the notes for tonight's study: We are starting a series called Not Just Healed but Whole Tonight, we’re just going to lay a foundation by looking at [...]