MA Essay – Biblical Studies – Living AS Holy Spirit – part 2

Our only goal as Believers as we walk through life, as we pray, as we minister, etc., should be a constant awareness of our ONENESS with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Trusting in the reality of our union and experiencing the substance that it produces…. the manifestations of our eternal inheritance IN HIM. Jesus walked [...]

MA – Biblical Studies Essay – Living As Holy Spirit – 1

The farther I go in these courses, the clearer my vision of eternal realities gets. And I begin to see Scriptures in a new light…. I am seeing in them the eternal truth of what has always been ours to walk in…. grace, salvation, wisdom, righteousness, health, prosperity, etc. My passion is teaching and writing [...]

MA Biblical Studies Essay – Original Sin vs Original Blessing

Wow, what a course! These are truths that have become lost in Christianity and need to find their way back to every pulpit in every church. We need a revelation of what has ALWAYS been true about us… about our eternal identity, our eternal salvation, our eternal redemption, and our eternal inheritance. The more I focus [...]

MA Biblical Studies Essay — Image and Likeness!

We struggle with some of these Scriptures that from a surface reading appear to deal with judgment or God’s disappointment with us because of a wrong understanding of who we (mankind) are. From Adam’s fall to the present day, we walk far below the level God designed for us to walk in. Jesus came and revealed [...]