Hi, I’m Robin and this blog is about empowering the Body of Christ and seeing shackles of religious thinking fall off as they awaken to their righteousness.

This room will be a place where you can come and study with me as we discover who we are IN CHRIST and what belongs to us because of the finished work of Jesus.

This blog is a place where we read and study Scriptures with unveiled eyes 2 COR. 3:14-18.  Re-presenting Scripture through the lens of the finished work of Christ.

Here are the different categories……

  • Hebrew months – each month I post a study about that particular month.  While we look at the Hebrew, it is still studied through the lens of Jesus’ finished work.
  • Throne room thoughts – these are just various studies as I’m reading the Word and something I’m reading grabs my attention.
  • New Covenant Nuggets — these are quick little “nuggets” of New Covenant realities
  • Yearly reflections – the last week of December I usually write about my reflection of the year and my expectations for the upcoming year.
  • Itinerary – this page has my contact info if you would like for me to come and teach at your church, Bible study or event.
  • Videos – these are live Bible studies I do via Facebook

You can also find me on the following social medias

~ Robin