Cause & Effect

THE CAUSE AND EFFECT OF SIN AND DEATH...... Romans 5:15 tells us that many died because of Adam's trespass. They didn't just die physically; they experienced death (i.e., sickness, disease, lack of any kind, etc.) because of his trespass. The word trespass in Greek is paraptoma. It's two words, para, meaning close beside or an [...]

Brace yourself!

So glad someone addressed this! (see link at bottom of post) I have received his "prophetic" dreams from two different people this week. One of the videos was entitled "Bad September, Disaster November." These doom and gloom prophecies cloaked as "warning prophecies" strike fear in the hearts of people. These videos have been watched by [...]


Sin is hamartia in the Greek and is composed of two words, ha meaning negative and meros meaning form. It means to miss the mark. Thayer’s Greek Lexicon defines it as a failure to miss the mark. He goes on to say that in Greek writings, it was used primarily to describe an error of [...]