Journey of Grace

Today I just completed my Bachelor's degree in Theology... this was the final essay that I turned in............. In my third essay, I said that it felt like I was on a journey of grace meeting the Father for the very first time. Like the Jews of the Old Covenant, I had forgotten who my [...]

Christ IN you

Galatians 1:16 (God was pleased v.15) to reveal His Son IN (en) me, that I might preach Him IN (en) the gentiles.... Romans 10:20: Isaiah is very bold (courageously laying it all on the line) and says: I (God) was found IN (en) those not seeking (Hebraism meaning worshipping) Me; I manifest Myself IN those [...]


How it must grieve God when we refer to anyone as ungodly Genesis 1:26: And God said let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.... When man left the garden he continued to be like God, he just lost his understanding of it. But he was still created in God's image according [...]

Not Just Healed but Whole – Complete Redemption pt. 1

Scroll down for notes on tonight's teaching   Intro We’re going to do a lot of repeating in this Bible study series A lot of recapping before we introduce new information It’s good to hear things over and over again… so don’t just tune out saying, “Oh, I heard that last week.” When Jesus [...]

Not Just Healed but Whole – the Main point – pt 3 – Sanctified and Perfected (Bible Study)

Scroll down for notes to this teaching I.  Intro When He shouted TETELESTAI - IT IS FINISHED from the cross it was a cry of victory! it was a declaration of consummation… He was saying, it’s ended, it’s done, it’s over! In Revelation 21:5-6, John heard Jesus declare from the throne… “Behold, I make [...]

Not Just Healed but Whole – The Main Point – part 2 – Bible study

I. Intro Gal 4:19: My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you Mirror says … I travail for the FULL REALIZATION OF CHRIST to be formed within you Paul was passionate that these Galatians fully realize who they were in Christ and walk in that fullness of [...]