Tammuz 5775 (2015)


Today my husband and I celebrated our 18th anniversary!  I love it when special days occur… birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations of any sort, holidays, etc.  Our gregorian calendar connects us only to the earth realm.  We use it to track our life events but to know God’s schedule of events you must understand His calendar.   Studying the Hebrew months helps us receive prophetic understanding on how the Lord orders our steps throughout the year.  Each month has a unique purpose and is designed by God to release a revelation of who He is….so that you can renew your mind and begin to think like He does.

I always get excited to enter into a new Hebrew month and this month is no exception… and I especially get excited when that new month begins a new season (Summer on the Hebrew calendar).  I love new beginnings, fresh starts, and exciting possibilities.  Yes, I was one of those kids that looked forward to Sept and starting a new school year with new books, clean unused notepads… I enjoyed the fresh new possibilities that each new year held.  This past 3 month season has been one that was full of heartbreaking changes for Steve and I and our family and I’m looking forward to a fresh new season.… one full of new possibilities!  I am an extremely optimistic person.. not just a glass half full person, but a “glass half full and increasing with more fullness to overflowing” kind of person.  I tend to always find the good and positive in everything and believe that everything will always work out and I will come out on top 😊  These past 3 months, we’ve moved and left great friends/family, Steve’s dad died (the first parent for either of us to lose), and just a little over a week ago, our Pastor’s (our friends) were voted out of our church, which leaves us churchless “at the moment”.  Still, through it all I believe God has a wonderful plan that He is working out in our lives and all of these sad changes are just propelling us further and faster into our destiny.  While our calendar will hold dates of moving, death and loss of a church, God’s calendar, this month of Tammuz, holds endless possibilities of fresh vision, blessings, new beginnings, and double portion inheritance to name a few.

Tammuz is the first month of the summer season. The three months of this season – Tammuz, Av, and Elul – correspond to the three tribes of the camp of Reuben, which include Reuben, Simeon, and Gad, who were situated to the south of the Tabernacle.

The three-week period between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av (July 4th—July 25th this year) is sometimes known as “the Dire Straits”, after Lamentations 1:3—“All her persecutors overtake her in dire straits” (NKJV).  It is a month where we learn to press through the narrow place to experience a new level of God’s glory, which transforms us into His image.

The letter associated with Tammuz is “chet”.  “Chet” is the 8th letter of the Hebrew alef beit (alphabet) and represents new beginnings.  Chet means light radiating through your eyes.  This is a month to see and establish the brilliance of your righteousness. Plenty of negative things occurred during this month in Jewish history. We need to counteract them through praise and declaration…. Isaiah 58:8, Psalm 112:4, and Daniel 12:3 are great places to start.  Allow God to increase your spiritual insight and perception so that you see how to move through this month aligned properly to the vision that he has given you for your life.   Tammuz is a month of choices….”chet” is the first letter in “chaim”.. meaning life;  it is also the first letter in “cheyt” meaning sin or to miss the mark…. choose wisely! see Deut 30:19

The tribe given to Tammuz is Reuben.  Reuben means “behold a son”.  Behold also means “see”.  This month is connected with vision – seeing – beholding.  It is the month of the”firstborn” (Reuben was the firstborn). In the Hebrew culture, the firstborn received a double portion of the inheritance left to the sons by the father.  Reuben had great potential – promise (Gen 49:3);  but he didn’t deal with character issues  – weakness – rejection (Gen 29:30); fell into sexual sin which was his downfall (Gen 35:22); This was not just a moral failure but revealed an inability to maintain self-control under pressure.  As a result, he lost his firstborn rights and they were given to Joseph’s sons (1 Chron 5:1).  He also settled for less than God promised, his tribe and Gad’s settled east of the Jordan and never lived in Canaan with the other tribes and no notables came from his tribe…. no judges, rulers, prophets or princes.  Although he was first born, the kingdom was given to Judah and the priesthood to Levi.  He bore this shame forever.. however, he took it to heart and instead of becoming full of self-pity and revenge, he demonstrated the fruit of repentance demonstrated through the love and concern for his brothers, father and family (see Gen 37) – so even though he lost the position of 1st born, he acted like the 1st born throughout his life.  Moses’ blessing on him was that he would live and not die and that his men not be few.  There was no remembrance of the sins of the past.  God wants to awaken the mantle of “Sonship” in our lives.  Psalms 2:7-8 – we are to declare/decree our position as sons;  Gal 4:1-7 – time to claim our inheritance as sons;  Rom 8:14-17 – as sons & daughters we are endowed with authority in His kingdom;  This is a time to displace, to cast off  an “orphan spirit” and embrace the spirit of sonship with all of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities (John 5:19); 

This was a month of choices and serious consequences for Israel.  We can learn from these choices and walk in the original blessings that God intended for Tammuz.  Two specific choices were made in this month….

1.  Golden calf (Ex 32)…. this represents their refusal to let go of their past and their inability to maintain their commitment to God when their patience is tested. A golden calf is built when we lose faith in an invisible, unnameable God who may have abandoned us in the wilderness.  Their words in the wilderness set them up for this choice when their patience was tested.  Wilderness is the Hebrew word “midbar” which comes from the root “devar”  meaning speech.  This is a good month to take stock of our words and where they may be leading us.  In addition to their words setting them up, they also made a mistake at Mt Sinai when God desired a relationship with them.  Because they had rejected the face to face relationship with God that He desired, they lacked the spiritual strength to connect with God on their own when they thought Moses’ wasn’t coming back.  Their idolatry began in their refusal/fear to approach God face to face – Moses became their god, their deliverer (Ex 32:4).  The mixed multitude (who didn’t join the Israelites to convert, but only chose the winning side) suggested they build an intermediary for Moses’ stead.  Be careful who you allow to be joined to you.

The golden calf was never God’s plan for the month of Tammuz.  This was a choice they made because they couldn’t cast off a slave mentality and trust God.  They didn’t deal with character weaknesses and take hold of their words speaking out the blessings of God and what He had for them.  (1 Cor 10:6… Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.)

2.  This was also the month the spies were spying out the land.  They left on their mission on the last day of Sivan and came back with their report on the 9th of Av.   Deut 1:22-23 tells us that it was their idea to go spy out the land, not Moses’ idea or God’s. Moses’ instructions to them (Num 13:17-20).  They were to give an intel report only not to advise on the feasibility of the mission.  One of the first places they come to is Hebron.  Hebron means “seat of association”.  it’s where the patriarchs and the past history makers were buried — Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah. That’s where the past revivalists, the godly seed, and the godly inheritance were buried.  This should’ve encouraged them!  Serving as a reminder of the faithfulness of God.  Next month is when they come back to give their evil report.  This month is when they were in the promise land scouting it out.  Remember this is a month of vision.. as God shows you His promises for you, don’t be like the Israelites and request to see for yourself if what God has said is possible.  Trust His Word and begin to declare the promises of God over your life.  Psalm 106:24 says that they despised the precious land and did not believe His Word.

Tammuz is the month that Joshua commanded the sun to stand still.  He didn’t pray and ask God, rather he commanded it himself.  Begin commanding circumstances around you to change in your favor.  This was also the month that Ezekiel had his vision found in Ezekiel chapter 1, in Hebrew called Merkabah:  The Chariot.   According to the rabbis, this chapter in the Bible is so dangerous that it is forbidden to be taught to groups of disciples.  It could be taught to no more than one student at a time, and only if he is a mature student.  Because it is so dangerous, it is forbidden to be read in the regular synagogue service.  It’s revelation killed one of Israel’s most famous rabbis, made another crazy and led another to heresy.  For hundreds of years, even the name of this chapter caused knowledgeable Jews to shudder.  This is the first vision of Ezekiel, who was among the exiles in Babylon, 1,000 miles from home.  One day he was outdoors by the river Chebar (from a root word in Hebrew meaning “abundance”).  He saw a storm wind (like the one that snatched Elijah away).  The Hebrew words also carry the meaning “Spirit-storm” – for this was clearly a storm of the Spirit.  We can only receive a manifestation of a “Spirit Storm” from a place “flowing with abundance” of prophetic worship.  What will you do when His storm wind approaches?  Will you like Ezekiel, bow down before Jesus, receive His instruction and be filled afresh with His Spirit?  Your response is crucial this month..  a month of choices that is a turning point for us… a crossover month that will take us into our Promise Land.

As a final reminder, don’t let this be a negative month of bad choices… choose to make this month a month of vision, a month of first born rights of double portion and blessing, a time of new beginnings and life, a month of sonship and receiving our inheritance.

1. Repent of any false idols you’ve developed due to unbelief and impatience (Hebrews 6:12 tells us that through faith and patience we inherit the promises of God).  

2. Don’t be like Reuben and lose your inheritance/blessing.  Repent of a possible spirit of rejection that you may be carrying or the inability to maintain self-control under pressure.. ask God to search your heart for any weaknesses of character. 

3. Choose to believe God’s word to you regarding His promises.. don’t be like the children of Israel and have a need to “spy them out”.  Declare daily “God Your promises are yes and amen in my life”

4. Watch your covenant alignments and repent of any peace treaties you’ve made with the enemy (Josh 10:14)…  Pray before undertaking any partnerships/yokes.  

5. Guard your heart against the spirit of oppression, religion, intimidation, blindness, and accusation.

6. Receive fresh vision this month.  Allow God to increase your spiritual insight and perception so that you see how to move through this month aligned properly to the vision that He has given for your life.

Sivan – 5775 (2015)

sivan 2    This morning I woke up with a scripture… actually I heard the scripture while I was in that state between sleeping and waking.  Daniel 10:2, the angel told Daniel “I have come for your words.”  I realized after waking that we have now entered into the month of Sivan (May 19th – June 17th on our calendar) and we are at the last few days of counting the Omer.  Day 45 to be exact.

Omer means to utter speech – to verbally count the days.  It is a transition period between Passover (Pesach) and Pentecost (Shavuot)… a transition from deliverance into an outpouring from Heaven.  An outpouring of HIs Spirit.  In this transition period, it is important to “verbally count the days” with declarations…. declarations of His promises over our lives, of who we are In Christ and of all that Christ purchased for us through His death and resurrection.  These declarations prepare us for an outpouring of Revelation, align us

These declarations prepare us for an outpouring of Revelation, align us with His perfect will for us, and angels are activated as we declare His Word (Psalm 103:20).  Imagine my excitement and expectancy when I woke hearing Dan 10:2 ” I have come for your words.” His angels are working on my behalf… obeying God’s Word that I have been declaring.

Sivan is the last of the Spring months… it is still a time to plant as we end this season and prepare for a new one…. as you sow this month declare that your harvest is being secured and that every seed will prosper.  Biblically it is the “New year of Kings”… a time of counting the years of the reigns of kings in ancient Israel.  It is also the month when kings go to war (2 Sam 10:1)… This is a time to reign as kings and to use your authority…. to war for your covenant promises.  Zech 10:1 tells us to ask the Lord for rain in the springtime…. this month is a time to ask for the rain of His presence.  This month marks the end of the Spring season and we will enter into Summer.

The letter associated with Sivan is Zayin.  It is the 7th letter which represents rest, completion, and blessing.  It looks like a sword and means crowned. This is a month to realize that you have been crowned with blessings and received mercy to complete things IN CHRIST!  This is the month to accelerate your walk and receive clear vision and to receive a fresh baptism of fire.

The tribe is Zebulon.  They were a tribe who were givers.. the profited in trade and filled the storehouses.  They prospered for a purpose.  We need to ask God to teach us His Word regarding economics this month so that we can excel at being givers and providers for the Kingdom.

This is the month to ask God for a greater understanding of giving strategies so that you stay in a total harvest mentality and live in a continuous cycle of provision and abundance (Luke 6:38).  This is a time to allow Him to develop “faithfulness” in us.  A time to know our identity and His plans/purposes for us.

God arranged the tribes of Israel into an army.  They went out in 3’s.  The first camp was Judah, Issachar, and Zebulon.  The tribe of Judah (Praise) always marched first, their call was to rule, to lead in battle and to worship.  Worship and warfare always go together.  Issachar knew the times, they were a prophetic tribe and also known as the Torah tribe because they knew the Word.  Zebulon had the ability to prosper through godly systems of trade.  These 3 tribal anointings are important in this season.  We must be a people of praise, prophecy, and prosperity.  These are the blessings of this season.. and walking in these will cause us to grow up in Him… being mature and complete… lacking no good thing!

~ Robin

Nisan – 5775 (2015)

The day we entered into the Hebrew month of Nisan I woke up to a song in my heart and on my lips… “it’s a new season, it’s a new day…. a fresh anointing is flowing my way…. it’s a season of power and prosperity…..it’s a new season coming my way.”

Lately, in prayer, I keep hearing God say “new day, new day!!”  He led me to Joshua 1:2 ““Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, you and all these people, into the land that I am giving to them, to the people of Israel.”  This happened in the Hebrew month of Nisan.  A new day had come for the children of Israel…  the old way of living (in the Wilderness) was over and it was now time to cross over into the Promise Land and receive all that God had promised them.  I believe we have also entered into a new day… a time to cross over and enter our Promise Land.

passover lamb 2

This is the month of Passover… a time of liberation, personal change, going from slavery to freedom, and the emerging out of the old.  A month of repentance, redemption, and miracles.  It’s called the season of the ‘miracle of miracles’ and your appointed time for great blessing!  Nissan has within it the word Nes, which in Hebrew is miracle….an open miracle as opposed to the hidden miracles in the book of Esther.  It is the month that the King had favor on Nehemiah and granted him permission to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall.

IN CHRIST we have been liberated and have gone from slavery to freedom… from slavery to sonship.  We have emerged out of the old and have become new creatures in Him.  This month walk in the revelation of ALL that your redemption has made available to you.  Believe for miracles flowing through you everywhere you go and to everyone you meet.  Walk in the divine favor that has been granted to you by the King of kings.  

Nisan is a month to watch your speech.. be aware of what your confessions are.    If you speak negatively during this month, it will adversely affect you months down the road.  The seeds of negativity take root and will pull you backward. Your positive confessions should “grab the wind” and change the atmosphere.

He is the High Priest of our confession.  Confession is just saying what God says about every situation.  Begin this month finding out what He says about you and your life and say the same thing!

This is also a month assigned to the right foot.. a time to step out….. to step forth in strength and consider where the Lord is leading you this year.  Move ahead confidently in God.  Numbers 33:3 “They set out from Rameses in the first month, on the fifteenth day of the first month. On the day after the Passover, the people of Israel went out triumphantly in the sight of all the Egyptians”.  In the Hebrew the word used is “rum” (pronounced room)… it means exalted.  Psalm 18:4 says God exalts us above our enemies.

IN CHRIST you HAVE ALREADY BEEN exalted above a defeated enemy.  Walk triumphantly in what is yours in Him.  Step out boldly knowing that the Greater One lives on the inside of you and leads you forth victoriously!!

The letter “hei” is assigned to this month.  Hei is my favorite of all the Hebrew letters.  This letter is for behold!….it speaks of revelation and light.  It is also wind or breath.  It is the Spirit of God blowing on us…. it is the divine breath of God’s creative power breathed into Adam.  It is the number 5 which speaks of God’s grace and goodness.  It is the transforming power of Holy Spirit that changed Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah.  This blessing of the letter “hei” is available to us… His grace and goodness, His redemption, revelation and light, and of course the wind of His Spirit transforming us and making us fruitful and productive.  

Ask Holy Spirit to breathe upon you a refreshing…..for new revelation….for a quickened understanding of what is yours IN CHRIST.

It is the month assigned to the tribe of Judah.  Judah represents apostolic leadership… they were the warring tribe who knew how to operate with sound.  They were the tribe that went out first in battle (Judges 20:18)…  they were also the first tribe in the order of procession when Israel moved in the wilderness (Num. 10:14)  Judah also means “to cast a smooth stone against your enemy”….  that is what David, who was of the tribe of Judah, did to Goliath.

Praise is what will keep your enemy down under your feet where he belongs.  

Judah’s symbol is the lion… Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  Judah comes from the Hebrew word “Yadah”, which means to praise, to give thanks, to glorify or to acknowledge God.  They were a people of praise…. praise was their identity.  This tribe camped to the East of the tabernacle.  The entrance to the tabernacle (where His Presence dwelled) was the East…. likewise, the way into His presence is with praise.

God assigned a portion of land to all the tribes…. Judah was given Jerusalem.  God told them that He would choose one location that would be His holy place, where He would manifest His presence, this place was Jerusalem.    We are a people of praise…. we are His dwelling place.

Nisan is March 21st – April 19th on our calendar.  March 21st not only marks the Spring season for us but it is also the beginning of the Spring months on the Hebrew calendar.  It is a time of coming out of a barren winter and positioning yourself to bring forth new life and flourish…. a time of rebirth and a fresh start.  This month sets the course for your future. Spring is a time to plant…. as you sow this month declare that your harvest is being secured and that every seed will prosper.  

Biblically it is the “New year of Kings”… a time of counting the years of the reigns of kings in ancient Israel.  It is also the month when kings go to war (2 Sam 10:1)… This is a time to reign as kings and to use your authority…. to war for your covenant promises with praise.  Zech 10:1 tells us to ask the Lord for rain in the springtime…. this month is a time to ask for the rain of His presence.

Nisan is a time God has scheduled on His calendar for a powerful outpouring of salvation and deliverance for our families, breakthroughs in our business and finances and the miracle of a new beginning in every area of your life!  So press in with faith and lay hold of every blood bought promise of God, paid for in full by Jesus Christ our Passover Lamb.

It’s a time to expect miracles not only in your life but signs, wonders and miracles working through you.

~ Robin

Adar – 5776 (2016)

Genesis 24:1 says that Abraham was blessed “in all things”.. that means he was blessed in EVERY AREA  of his life.  Galatians 3:13-14 says that Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law and blessed us with the same blessing he promised to Abraham….  God wants you to walk in the Blessing… for it to be as full and complete (in all things) in your life as it was in Abraham’s.  We walk in this blessing by having a Hebrew mindset.  When you learn to think like God, you begin to prosper and walk in the blessing.  Studying the Hebrew months is one way we can begin to have a Hebrew mindset and think like God.  In April 2014, I began thinking about what the months of the year on our calendar mean to me.

In April 2014, I began thinking about what the months of the year on our calendar mean to me.  No coincidence since April is a month associated with the tribe of Issachar, who was the tribe anointed to understand times and seasons as well as what to do in those times.  To me, the months on our regular calendar reflect my life… birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, losses, and of course since we farm, our harvest seasons… some of these things are good and worth celebrating…. and some are sad remembrances.  This

This Gregorian calendar connects you to the earth realm. It is great for tracking our life events but to know God’s schedule of events it’s good to understand His calendar…. the Hebrew calendar.  His calendar is full of hope and causes us to reach for those higher things.. it causes us to be God focused… to be Kingdom minded.  Although some months on the Jewish calendar are designated as sad months, not full of hope at all!  But as you study them further, you begin to see God’s original plan for them and prophetically begin calling forth His redemptive plans for each month.  Adar is one of those REALLY good months… in fact so good, that the Jews designated it as the only double month on Leap Years (or pregnant years as it’s called in Hebrew)… those specific years (which is this year) we get Adar I and Adar II.

Adar I starts today Feb 10th and goes through March 10th.  And then we begin Adar II  on March 11th – April 8th.  The name Adar means “exalted“, “praised“, “power“, and “strength”  According to the rabbis, when Adar enters, joy and happiness enter with it.  It is the final month of winter and also the final month of the year (on the Hebrew feast calendar)… an end to a season.  It is a month of celebration as we celebrate Purim (March 23rd this year).  It’s a month of divine reversals, of curses overturned.  This is a time for evil decrees set against you to be broken.

This month walk in the revelation that IN CHRIST there has been a divine reversal… all curses have been overturned and evil decrees that were once set against you have ALREADY been broken.  

Naphtali is the tribe associated with this month.  The prophecies spoken over Naphtali are in Gen 49:21 “Naphtali is a free running doe, he speaks delightful words” and Deut 33:23 “Naphtali is abounding with the favor of the LORD and is full of his blessing;”.

This month choose to walk in the joy that is yours in Christ…. in celebration … experiencing His divine turnarounds in our lives.  Walk in the freedom that Christ purchased for you, speaking “delightful words”… His words.. thereby enjoying the fullness of His abundant favor and full blessing.

We’re not trying to get these things but realizing that they are already ours IN CHRIST.

~ Robin

Shevat – 5776 (2016)

blessed-2   Yesterday we entered into the Hebrew month of Shevat, which is Jan 11th – Feb 9th on our calendar.

This is a key month to shout “the blessings are mine in Christ.”

Asher is the tribe associated with the month of Shevat.  Asher means blessed or prosperous and comes from the root word “ashar”, meaning to go on, to advance or to make progress.  Asher was blessed with the potential for every earthly blessing – abundant resources, the most fertile land in Canaan, many children, peace with the other tribes, the favor of God and security from enemies.  He is known as the prosperous one. His blessing from Moses indicated both prosperity and pleasure.   

Asher is the blessing beyond the norm – to be given more than what is necessary for survival. 

  • 2 Cor 9:8 “And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others (New Living Translation).”
  • 1 Timothy 6:17b “….. place your confidence in God who richly provides us with everything to enjoy.”
  • Ephesians 3:20 “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”

We are meant to not only be prosperous but to enjoy that prosperity, both spiritual and earthly riches.  Allow God to do the exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ask, think, hope or imagine in your life this month.  

Shevat is spelled shin-beit-tet in Hebrew.  Shin is a picture of a crown.  Beit is a house, household or family.  Tet is the letter for goodness.  Shevat is God crowning our households, crowning our families with goodness. Psalm 65:11 “You crown the year with your goodness, and your paths drip with abundance.  Another translation says even the hard places overflow with abundance.  

This month get a revelation of all that God wants to do in your life… the prosperity He wants to pour out on you… not just enough but overflow.  Prosperity and pleasure!   Begin to walk in His goodness, in His richness.  Let’s move forward and continue on in the prosperity He has blessed us with.  

This month let us remember to enjoy His bounty in our lives… to be happy…. full of joy, proclaiming “The blessings are mine in Christ Jesus.”  

This is a GOOD month.

~ Robin

Tevet – 5774 (2014)

This year I’ve been learning to trust how God speaks to me, to my heart.  I’m an optimist, or as my mom calls me…..a Polly Anna Sunshine.  I tend to always look at everything through a heart of hope.  I love believing God and I love to look for His goodness and redemption in all things.  When I’m studying the Hebrew months I look for goodness and hope… something that encourages me and calls me higher in Him.

Each Hebrew month was given by God with a unique purpose of revelation and is designed to release a blessing into our lives.  I pray my study of this month and this season gives you fresh hope of the goodness of God and all that He has for you.

Tuesday night we entered into not only a new month on the Hebrew calendar, Tevet… but also a new season, Winter.  Winter is the season to plan for increase in the next season.  Tevet is the 10th month on the Hebrew calendar… 10 is a number of divine order … 10 is also 5 + 5… five being the number of grace or in this case grace upon grace.

This month walk in the double portion of grace available… walk in the fullness, in the grace that Jesus made available for us.  He paid it all so that you could have it all!  It’s a free gift (Eph 2:8).

The first two letters in the word Tevet is “tov” which is the Hebrew word for good and it is followed by the letter tet which is also a letter connected to the word good…. so the whole word Tevet from beginning to end is a word full of God’s goodness.


While I love this season of Christmas, I realize not everyone enjoys it.  It can be a time of bitter disappointments, sadness over loved ones gone, rejections of family members, depression, etc.  It can also be a financially stressful time for many.

But in this month of Tevet, let’s declare it as a month of God’s goodness from beginning to end.. allowing Him to lavish us with His goodness, His grace, and His favor.  

Tevet is also connected to the Hebrew letter “ayin”.  Ayin means the eye.

This month purposely choose to see things through the eyes of your Father.  Seeing circumstances through the eyes of faith and hope… and seeing others through the eyes of love and grace.  Through the eyes of redemption and mercy.

Each month is also associated with a tribe of Israel.  The tribes were divided into four groups of three.  This Winter season included the three tribes:  Dan (the leader of this group), Naphtali and Asher.  They formed the “rear” guard of the camp and were the ones to watch out for the enemy attacking the camp from behind.‭ ‬These three formed the rear guard, not because of military skill but because they brought the glory of God.  They were the most creative of the tribes… Dan were skilled craftsmen in all kinds or artistic work, Naphtali brought forth beautiful words, and Asher caused the land to flourish.

This Winter season let’s walk in the revelation that His glory is our rear guard  (Is 58:8)

Dan is the tribe connected to Tevet.  Dan in the Hebrew means to judge.  Dan’s ensign was the eagle!  Dan is one who can see the prey afar off‭ ‬-‭  the ‬one who soars on high in the Spirit and get the heavenly perspective on things.‭ ‬His judgment takes in the full scope of the scene and from his viewpoint,‭ ‬he is able to objectively give good direction and assessments of situations.‭ ‬As a result,‭ ‬he was called to judge Israel.‭

Let’s judge correctly this month… soaring on wings of eagles and judging things through God’s eyes of love and mercy…. eyes focused on His goodness given to ALL!

May this season be full of the goodness of God, His glory (Ex 33:18-19)…… Merry Christmas (Celebration of Christ) from our family to yours!

~ Robin