My new book is available on kindle

My new book is available on kindle

I just published my first book, It Is Finished. The print copy will be available in a couple of weeks on Amazon. But the kindle version is available. Click the link to get your copy today!!

MA – Essay – Old Testament Interpretation

I loved my MA course on Old Testament Interpretation. I learned so much... and how I will read the Old Testament AND even New Testament Scriptures is forever changed! My lens is becoming increasingly more and more from an eternal perspective... from a BEFORE time began eternal covenant IN CHRIST perspective.  OLD TESTAMENT INTERPRETATION  We look [...]

Not Just Healed but Whole – The Main Point – part 2 – Bible study

I. Intro Gal 4:19: My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you Mirror says … I travail for the FULL REALIZATION OF CHRIST to be formed within you Paul was passionate that these Galatians fully realize who they were in Christ and walk in that fullness of [...]

Spiritual Warfare Bible study – part 2

Notes for teaching are below the video   I.  Intro I am not here to tell you what to believe regarding spiritual warfare I am simply challenging you to make your understanding of IT IS FINISHED bigger than it is right now. I believe as it gets bigger what you currently believe about warfare [...]

Spiritual Warfare Bible study – pt 1 – video and notes

Notes for this teaching are below the Video   Last week we looked at Jesus’ final words IT IS FINISHED! In Greek it is tetelestai meaning completed, perfected, brought to a close. It was an accounting term used to mark a debt paid in full. It was a slave term used to show that [...]

Not Just Healed but Whole (IT IS FINISHED pt. 1) – NOTES

Tonight we start up our Bible study again on Thursday nights via Facebook live at 6:30pm. We will be doing a study on Not Just Healed but Whole. Here are the notes for tonight's study: We are starting a series called Not Just Healed but Whole Tonight, we’re just going to lay a foundation by looking at [...]

Romans 7:14-25 — Paul was NOT a wretched man struggling in sin — and NEITHER are you! (Bible study notes)

For video teaching of these notes Romans 7:14-25 — Week 23 — Paul was NOT a wretched man struggling with sin — and NEITHER are you!! (video) I.  Introduction Early church fathers thought that Paul was describing a man under the law before Christ in chapter 7, but Augustine — a man well acquainted with the [...]

Romans 7:7-13 — The law is NOT our moral compass! (Bible study notes)

For the video teaching of these notes click here Romans 7:7-13 — Week 22 — The law is NOT our moral compass! I.  Introduction The Jews in Paul’s day greatly esteemed the law even believing Jews what Paul has had to say about the law in his letter to the Romans probably shocked them  the law [...]

Romans 7 intro — week 19 — Roots of Western Theology (video)

The teaching notes to this video are here:  Romans 7 intro — Roots of Western Theology (Bible study notes) For week 20 click the link Romans 7:1 — Week 20 — To Those Who Know the Law — all non-Jews can skip ahead to chapter 8! (video)

Romans 7 intro — Roots of Western Theology (Bible study notes)

Join us for Bible study via facebook live by clicking here -- Facebook Romans Bible Study Live I.  Recap Romans 1:16 proclaims: The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation the power of God unto sozo — wholeness in every area of life; nothing missing, nothing broken; wholly healed and delivered; Paul preached the simple [...]