Life Update…

Hi all!! I realized that I haven’t written a blog post since the end of June! I haven’t disappeared, life has just gotten so busy. My writing & publishing workshop that I am teaching just started and I am excited for the books that will come out of it…. you all will love them!! I’m also using this workshop time to write a new book. This time a historical fiction with a hidden gospel message (like an allegory).

Another thing I’ve been doing is writing a series of workbooks for IT IS FINISHED. I have finished the first five of them and they are available on Amazon. I’ve also designed and created two journal/notebooks and they are also on Amazon.

And lastly, I’m creating curriculum for online courses that I am beginning to offer. They will be available here on my website soon.

So my days have been full. But I wanted to reach out to all of you and give you a life update. I’ll get back to writing blog posts again soon.

~ Robin

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robinsmit author

Robin Smit and her husband Steve divide their time between their farmhouse in Northern California and beach living in San Clemente, CA. Robin has a Master's in both Theology and Biblical Studies. She is a grace based Christian author who has a passion for the Hebrew and Greek languages. And she is the author of three books: IT IS FINISHED, AWAKENED, and I AM HEALED.

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