Tevet – 5775 (2015)

  My mom nicknamed me Pollyanna Sunshine when I was little... because I have always had an abundance of optimism.  Truly it's a gift from God that I cherish. I have always tended to always look at things through a heart of hope.  I love just simply believing what God says and looking for His [...]

Av – 5776 (2016)

We're already almost halfway through the month of Av..... it's been a busy month for us in the Smit family.  We're at the height of our summer farming season and life for us just feels non-stop, go, go, go.  I'm not complaining though... God has been so good to us and our fruit harvests get [...]

Tammuz 5775 (2015)

Today my husband and I celebrated our 18th anniversary!  I love it when special days occur... birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations of any sort, holidays, etc.  Our gregorian calendar connects us only to the earth realm.  We use it to track our life events but to know God’s schedule of events you must understand His calendar.   Studying the Hebrew [...]

Sivan – 5775 (2015)

    This morning I woke up with a scripture... actually I heard the scripture while I was in that state between sleeping and waking.  Daniel 10:2, the angel told Daniel "I have come for your words."  I realized after waking that we have now entered into the month of Sivan (May 19th - June [...]

Nisan – 5775 (2015)

The day we entered into the Hebrew month of Nisan I woke up to a song in my heart and on my lips... "it's a new season, it's a new day.... a fresh anointing is flowing my way.... it's a season of power and prosperity.....it's a new season coming my way." Lately, in prayer, I keep hearing [...]

Adar – 5776 (2016)

Genesis 24:1 says that Abraham was blessed “in all things”.. that means he was blessed in EVERY AREA  of his life.  Galatians 3:13-14 says that Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law and blessed us with the same blessing he promised to Abraham....  God wants you to walk in the Blessing... for it to [...]

Shevat – 5776 (2016)

   Yesterday we entered into the Hebrew month of Shevat, which is Jan 11th - Feb 9th on our calendar. This is a key month to shout "the blessings are mine in Christ." Asher is the tribe associated with the month of Shevat.  Asher means blessed or prosperous and comes from the root word "ashar", meaning [...]

Tevet – 5774 (2014)

This year I've been learning to trust how God speaks to me, to my heart.  I'm an optimist, or as my mom calls me.....a Polly Anna Sunshine.  I tend to always look at everything through a heart of hope.  I love believing God and I love to look for His goodness and redemption in all things. [...]