God’s wrath AGAINST us….

For the wrath of God is revealed AGAINST all ungodliness and unrighteousness  ~ Romans 1:18 

The word translated against in Greek is “epi” which is a preposition. The root of the word means UPON or TOWARDS.

Against is defined in the dictionary as in opposition to. This keeps us thinking God is angry and oppposed to us.   We read it with a lens of sin consciousness.

Instead His wrath/passion (the finished work of the Cross) was toward us or upon ALL. Upon also means the response or effect of the envisioned contract – God’s vision saw us IN CHRIST and Jesus’ response to the contract or covenant He made with the Father was to take our sin and give us His righteousness

If we read Romans 1:18 and replace against with upon or toward….. “The wrath of God is revealed upon or toward all ungodliness and unrighteousness” —  when we read it through the lens of the finished work and in conjuction with v. 17 and look at the root of “epi”, then it begins to sound an awful lot like Romans 5.

“For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. (7) For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. (8) But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (9) Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him”  ~ Romans 5:6-9


Just a thought

What is the wrath of God

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;   ~ Romans 1:18

As I was studying for this week’s Bible study on Romans 1:18, I found a definition of wrath that I hope will forever change your thinking when you read the word wrath in the Bible

Wrath is “orge” in Greek meaning passion. But it’s the root of this word that I really like… it is “orego” which means stretching oneself out in order to touch or grasp something.

It is a beautiful picture of Jesus stretching Himself out (on the Cross) in order to grasp us.

It also means to yearn after, to desire, to stretch toward (to pull towards)

The Father in His love for us, desired us and stretched toward us (through Jesus), pulling us to Himself. (1 Cor 5:19 -reconciling us to Himself)

That’s the wrath of God in the New Covenant.

God did not forget His righteous judgments….. He simply judged all humanity in Jesus righteous.

God’s judgments were all satisfied in the passion….in the “wrath” of Jesus Christ….as He stretched Himself out on the Cross drawing ALL men to Himself and as the Father was personally present in Christ on the cross reconciling the world to Himself.

God’s seasons

I take an online Hebrew class every Monday afternoon.  A couple of weeks ago, I was working on my vocabulary flashcards and I came across the word “season or time” which is “et” or עת in Hebrew.  And it got me thinking about it’s meaning.

Most of the prophetic words I hear are about seasons.   Season of miracles, season of favor, season of restoration, time of breakthrough, etc.  Almost all of these use Old Testament Scriptures to confirm them.  And the focus is on “doing.”  For example, God will release favor in our lives if we’re faithful to do all He has said.

I love the prophetic.  There have been times I’ve received prophetic words in my life that confirmed what the Spirit of God had already spoken to me regarding His direction or things concerning my destiny.  And it gave me the boldness to act on it… to walk it out.  

I don’t have an issue with “seasons” per se.  But the problem with seasons is it keeps us focused on a timeframe.  One of the aspects of me and my husband’s business is farming.  Farming is seasonal….. even in California where we farm year round.  We still have seasonal crops.  If we’re not careful, we catch ourselves using “catch phrases” that box us into ways of thinking in particular seasons.  For instance, cherry season is financially great, apple season we can finally rest, summer fruit season is BUSY, December – January is our leanest season, etc.  While all of that seems to be true in the “natural,” it can keep us boxed into certain expectations or limitations.  Keeping us walking in by sight and not by faith.

Prophetic “seasons” can do the same.  They keep us future focused on what Jesus is going to do, instead of what Jesus has already done.  They keep us looking at just one thing for the “season” such as God’s favor instead of looking at the FULL finished work of Christ in our lives and the truth that He has given us ALL things that pertain to life and godliness NOW.

So while I was studying for Hebrew and noticed the word season is “et”  or עת in Hebrew. It is made up of the letters “ayin” and “tav”.  

“ע” which is ayin in Hebrew is the idea of seeing and watching as well as knowledge.  ayin (Gen 6:8) referring to the eyes of the Lord.   a word describing an eye…or insight or seeing or perceiving with God’s perspective.

“ת” which is tav in Hebrew meaning cross or the sign of the covenant.

I love that!  God’s seasons in our life are all comprised of seeing things from His perspective, and that perspective is Jesus and His finished work (Heb 1:1-3).  In every season of my life, I should expect to the finished work of the cross to be in operation in my life.   No matter what a natural season may look like in my life, it is still a season of favor, abundance, health, goodness, grace, wisdom, breakthrough, prosperity, sonship, freedom, deliverance, etc.

Luke 4:19 Jesus declared it a “year of God’s favor or a year of Jubilee.”  Year is a cycle of time… a season.  The root word for Jubilee in Hebrew is yabal, which means “to flow.”  Jesus provided a continual flow for us in every season of our life.  We don’t just have a season of favor, a season of peace, or a time of abundance.  We have a lifetime of continual fulfillment…. of the ALL things that He provided for us for life and godliness.

I still read prophetic words that come across my path about seasons, but now I read them as a reminder of what Jesus has done and what is already mine.  Not dependent upon what I do, but mine by inheritance.  I read them as God highlighting certain things that are part of the finished work so that I can grow in my knowledge of them.  Gain more understanding of these things so that I can walk in victory.

What did the finished work of the Cross provide?  That’s your season!  Walk in the revelation of it.  Walk in the victory of it.

~ Robin

Led by the Spirit

But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law.  ~ Galatians 5:18

I love this verse!

This verse begins with the conjunction if.  If is a conditional word, which seems to imply that if I do something, then something will happen.  But not all Greek conditions work like that.

If” in the Greek is the word “ei” and it is a first class conditional conjunction or a simple condition conjunction.   It is based on the assumption of reality that invites the reader into the conversation, rather than just lecturing to him.

Because I had always read “conditional conjunctions” as “if and then” statements, my focus was constant introspection.  Making sure I was always allowing Holy Spirit to lead me.  Not straying from that leading.  So that He wouldn’t have to tug and pull to get my cooperation.  It was self-works on my part.

But Paul was inviting the reader into a dialogue… encouraging them to come to the conclusion of what was already true about their new life IN CHRIST.

When he said to the Galatians “if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law”, the audience would most likely respond along these lines: If we’re led by the Spirit of God? He dwells in us! Of course, He leads us! And since that’s true, this means that we are not under Law.” Remarkable!”

So our response should be….. because the Spirit dwells in me, I’m led by Him, and therefore I’m free from the bondage of the law.

The other thing I like about this verse is the word led.  The word “led” is the Greek word ago, which described the act of leading about an animal, such as a cow or a goat, at the end of a rope. The owner would wrap a rope around the animal’s neck and then “tug” and “pull” until the animal started to follow him. When the animal decided to cooperate and follow that gentle tug, it could then be gently “led” to where its owner wanted it to go.

Although the New Testament is written in Greek, Paul was Jewish and had a Hebraic  way of thinking.  Tugging and pulling at my heart until I cooperate so that He can gently lead me where He wants me to go is not a very accurate picture of how Holy Spirit leads us.  It’s not the Hebraic mindset of leading.

The Hebrew word for lead is “nachal” meaning to lead or to rest.  The more literal meaning of this word is a combination of both of these ideas — leading to a place of rest.

I love that! It is to lead one to a place of rest.  Striving and bondage describe the yoke of the law – the yoke of the works of the flesh.  Rest describes the yoke of Jesus – the yoke of grace. That is a more accurate description of Holy Spirit’s leading.  He leads us to a place of rest.

Verse 18 really is an identity verse… telling us who we are and what our new life in the Spirit looks like

But the Spirit has led you to a place of rest, a refreshing place, free from the law and its fearful bondage.

So in verse 16 and 17, Paul told us that walking by the Spirit you will not fulfill the lusts (the desires of the flesh) and that the flesh opposes the desires of the Spirit.  But before you can begin to feel like “oh man, I better make sure I’m ALWAYS walking in the Spirit or my flesh will take over”… or “I better DO this or else.”  Before you can camp out in that condemning thought of “if and then,”  he reminds us of who we are IN CHRIST and what the benefit of being IN CHRIST means in your new life….

But the Spirit has led you to a place of rest, a refreshing place, free from the law and its fearful bondage. Freedom from carrying out the desires of the flesh.  He leads us to rest in the finished work of Jesus.

Oh, what freedom is released in that one simple statement.  The more I’m understanding and resting in the finished work of Jesus, the more I’m seeing Scriptures more clearly.  I’m no longer seeing them as rules and conditions or things I must do in order to please my Father and receive all He has for me.  But rather as freedom.   Freedom to live this new life IN HIM and as an expression OF HIM.

~ Robin

Name Change

Starting tomorrow My Beautiful Nest will have a name change to It is Finished.

I am really excited about this change.

It reflects my heart which is to see people grow in the knowledge of who they are IN CHRIST and what belongs to them as a result of the finished work of Jesus.

Name changes in the Bible were a reflection of someone’s destiny being called forth.  This blog started as a peek into my life as a wife and a mom with the occasional Bible study teachings.  As I’ve grown in grace I’ve also embraced my destiny which is to empower God’s people to embrace their own destinies.  This name reflects that.

❤ Robin


Nature of God

I’m taking theology classes to get my Bachelors and I have to submit essays after each course.  I thought I’d post…..


I loved this course Nature of God.  At the conclusion of this second course, I feel like my Gospel language has improved as well as my ability to express myself with all that I’m learning about grace and the oneness of us and the Father IN CHRIST.

This course topic coincided perfectly with my life right now.  Specifically, with people, I keep bumping up against who are weighed down heavily in religious mindsets regarding the nature of God.  It seems like everywhere I go I run into Believers who are begging God for healing, deliverance, freedom, etc.  Not realizing that He’s already given us everything we will ever need for life and godliness.  These same people will sit in Bible studies that teach an erroneous nature of God and that we are still bound to the law today because it is our standard of holiness.  I was surprised and saddened that many people receive such a misrepresentation of God willingly, naively believing that a teacher must be an authority on what they’re teaching.  And therefore, everything taught must be truth.

Such a wrong belief regarding God’s nature has been an eye-opener for me because I wasn’t raised spiritually believing those things about God.  I was taught from day one about the Christ life on the inside of me and that God is good and the devil is bad, period.  This course rooted those early teachings stronger in me and unfolded revelation of the oneness I have, not just with Jesus and Holy Spirit, but with my Father.

Getting the revelation that I was in His thoughts before the beginning of the ages was life-changing.  It is a revelation that will forever mark who I am.  Changing how I see myself and how I see others.  It also transforms how I perceive or understand my Father.  I always knew He was a good God.  But as for the fatherhood aspect, I only thought He became my Father after I accepted Jesus.

I thought that He was merely gracious enough to adopt me into His family because I now believed in Jesus. That before that He regarded me as an enemy because I was a sinner.  And that His love and kindness, His goodness and grace towards me, could only begin after I accepted Christ.  The truth is that He makes His sun to shine and His rain to fall on the just and the unjust, on the good and the evil. His grace and mercy have always abounded to ALL men at all times.

Now I realize that He not only always loved me but had a dream for me before time began.  I was never an enemy in His eyes.  He has always been my Father from before the foundations of the world.  My adoption is not adoption the way we here in the West see it but rather it is a position of sonship that He had prepared for me to walk in from before the beginning.  He has always had good, kind, beautiful thoughts about me and towards me.  There has never been a moment in time or before time began that I was not His.

He doesn’t love me more now that I have been reconciled to Him.  His love for me has always been there.  Believing in what Jesus did merely awakens me to the realization of His love. To be free to realize how much He loved me all along.  To begin experiencing the depths of that covenant love.  He is my eternal Father.  He wrote my DNA in my mother’s womb.  And my DNA is His very DNA.  He was always fully persuaded about me.

His faith saw me IN CHRIST before I even knew anything about Christ.  He was so confident in my ability to remember where I began! Then He irresistibly drew me to Himself, waking me up from my slumber to a life of union in Him.

Also through this course, I learned that Jesus’ death was not a penal substitution.  Realizing that His death was not to satisfy God’s anger with humanity.  Nor was it to appease God so that He would finally be willing to consider me or even glance in my direction.  No, Jesus was my Father’s passionate pursuit of me! He came to reveal the Father and show us what we look like redeemed and walking in fellowship, in oneness, with Him.

Jesus didn’t go to the Cross alone. The Father was in Him on the Cross reconciling the WHOLE world to Himself.  Restoring the relationship that He had designed for all men to have with Him.  Jesus was the last Adam.

Adam’s single transgression resulted in the condemnation of all men.  Jesus’ obedience equaled righteousness upon ALL men.  His death redeemed humanity and forever removed any distance with the Father.  What God has always known to be true about us carries more authority than any evidence that could condemn us.   ALL judgment was taken away through that ONE sacrifice, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

The secret of the power of the Gospel is that He succeeded in redeeming all of mankind.  It was a perfect redemption, not when we believed it, but from the finished work of the cross. We are now once again free to be His sons. We may have lost our way for a while, but we always belonged to Him.

Like the lost coin, we never lost our value and ownership.  In Christ God came to celebrate our original value.  We were made in the image and likeness of our Daddy.  He is the blueprint of our design.  To see Jesus is to see the Father.  Likewise, to see me is to see the Father.  The days of distance are over.  We are now free to live as He designed us.  No longer distanced from the Father, but alive in Him.

Jesus showed us the Father’s heartbeat in the parable of the Prodigal son.  His father was not disapproving and saying “how dare you come back after you wasted the family name.” No, the father was dancing and rejoicing.  He was celebrating the son with no hint of shame, rebuke, remorse, regret, or inferiority.  So it is with our Father.

He joyfully celebrates over us with praise.  Zephaniah 3:17:  The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love, he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”  Celebration of us and over us is our Father’s heart.  He rejoices over us with uncontainable joy, singing, dancing, leaping and spinning around with great delight!  Can you see it?  Can you hear it?  Why is He so joyful?  He is celebrating His oneness with us.

We cannot be any closer to God than we already are.  There is no pressing in on our part.  Honestly, I would’ve been grateful just to be accepted by Him and given a place in heaven someday.  It would’ve been more than enough for me just to know that level of security.  But that wasn’t enough for my Daddy.  His dream for us was BIG.   It was much bigger than I would have ever dared dream.  He desired that I would be filled up with ALL the fullness of Him (Ephesians 3:19).  And then He made that a reality for me IN CHRIST.

His fullness, His completeness is tailor-made for our human design.  He is 100% at home in us.  He likes who we are, who He designed us to be.  He made us in His image and likeness. He finds such beautiful expression through us.  Colossians 2:9 says that God finds an accurate and complete expression of Himself, in a human body (Mirror Translation).  And verse 10 tells us that Jesus mirrors our completeness and endorses our true identity.  He is “I am” in us.

Colossians 1:19 says The full measure of everything God has in mind for mankind indwells him.  What a joy to live this life filled with the fullness of the Spirit without measure.  What delight to have all the fullness of God in our human body.  To live our lives in oneness, in intimate fellowship, in Him.  For that fullness, that Living Water to overflow out of us to this world around us.

The more I know Him, the more I begin to know myself.  I can’t know myself apart from knowing Him. He defines me, and my nature is rooted in His nature.  2 Peter 1:4 says that we have been given great and precious promises that through these we may be partakers of His divine nature.  We were created as a partaker of His divine nature.  These great and precious promises were given to us reveal His image, His likeness and His dominion so that in that understanding we could discover our image, our likeness and our dominion.  That is what Jesus came to reveal.  And Jesus is the revelation of the Father.

A true revelation of the Father enables me to understand Scripture correctly as well as accurately understand the communication of Holy Spirit.  My victory in life is proportionate to an accurate image of God.

The only way I can accurately understand God’s nature is to look at Jesus.  He revealed the Father to us.  He said if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father, We are one.  We won’t understand the Old Testament Scriptures if we don’t understand their oneness.  John 1:17-18 says For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is Himself God and is at the Father’s side, has made Him known.

No one rightly understood God or perceived Him correctly until Jesus came and unfolded Him to us.  The ministry of Jesus was a rehearsal of the goodness of God.  He rehearsed it over and over in everything He did and said so we would get it right.  He came so that we would know what the Father looked like and what we looked like walking in oneness with Him.  He told Phillip if you’ve been watching everything I’ve done you’ve seen the nature of the Father. In everything He did He was always revealing the goodness, kindness, and love of God.  God was not a hard man. That was a disabling perception that was erased by Jesus.

In the Old Covenant they were living in a fallen world, and so they were continually ascribing characteristics and qualities to God that were based on their observations and experiences in a fallen world.  They presented Him as hard, angry, distant, disinterested, and wrathful.  Although we no longer live in a fallen world,  we can still walk in a distorted “fallen” mindset.  A way of thinking that defines God based on our experiences and disappointments in life.  Seeing Him vastly different then we see Jesus.    Seeing Him as disappointed, judgmental, condemning, and punishing.

But Jesus showed us the heartbeat of Abba.  He revealed to us that He is not at all hard to please.  He is not against us.  Rather that He is passionately for us and with us and in us.  Everything about Jesus is the expression of the true nature and character of God.  To know the Father we need only to observe the life and ministry of Jesus.  We aren’t to interpret God by looking backward to the law or through the prophets, the Fall, sin, etc.  Instead, Scripture calls upon us to understand the Father ONE WAY ONLY — according to the Biblical revelation of Jesus.  He’s given testimony of Himself through Jesus.  He’s spoken to us in these last days by His Son.

The Father and the Son are one.  There is no division.  John 1:18 tells us that Jesus was in the bosom of the Father.  The Jerusalem Bible translates it as nearest to the Father’s heart.   It is “kolpos” in Greek and is an intimate expression of co-union.  The prophets and Moses in the Old Covenant didn’t accurately perceive God at any time.  But Jesus was in the bosom of Abba.  He was one with the Father, sharing a single heartbeat.  This co-union was a picture of our co-union.  We have an intimate union with the Father as Jesus did.  He was an example of us.

We have the mind of Christ.  We have the thoughts, feelings, and purposes of His heart which is also the Father’s heart.  Their heart is the same.  To see what that single united heart looks like, we need to become intimate with Jesus of the Gospels.  We are to observe how He dealt with sinners, the sick, and the oppressed.  Regarding how He felt about the hopeless and the shepherd-less masses we get to know not only His heart, but the Father’s.  We are to take notice of His thoughts on pharisaical religion, with its legalism, it’s self-pity, and it’s burden of works but all along KNOWING that He loved every Pharisee.

We are to hear His words to the Sadducees, who didn’t believe in the supernatural and understand that again He loved every Sadducee.  He spoke to them with all the love and compassion He speaks to you and me.  His voice of love and compassion is exactly the Father’s voice towards humanity.

Then after we’ve considered ALL His words, His deeds, and His works, we realize that He was expressing the exact nature of the Father.  Seeing Him so clearly through the life of Jesus, we will recognize the Father isn’t at all what religion has taught us.  In Matthew 11:28-30,  Jesus is addressing those who are burned out and worn out on religion.  I like the Message translation of these verses.  He implores them to come to Him and get away with Him to recover our lives.  He says “walk with Me and work with Me — watch how I do it.  Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.”

The Father doesn’t lay heavy burdens on us.  He’s a good Daddy.  And in Him, there are rhythms of grace.  Jesus had an unforced relationship with the Father.  An unforced union with Him.  Jesus simply walked from this place of union and life.  And the life He shared in the Father, naturally flowed out of that.  Miracles, signs, wonders, relationships, love, all unforced rhythms of His Father’s grace toward us.  It’s really that simple.

James told us be “doers” of the Word.  Religion has used that Scripture to keep us bound in our outward performance.  Telling us that if we “do” what the Word says we will not be self-deceived.  And yet living a life bound to managing my behavior is in itself deceiving.  If we read on in verse 23, James tells us that a doer is one who looks in the mirror and sees his true self.  Doer is poiétés in Greek.  It’s where we get our word poem.

The Father is the Poet. He has a poem that He has written for each of His children.  He wants you to look into the face of Christ until you see yourself so clearly that what you see inspires spontaneous expression.  As that happens, my life becomes a living expression of the poem that He wrote before time began.  The poetry of His unforced rhythms of grace revealed in me.  My life becoming a living expression of The Poet.

We are His house

One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in his temple. ~ Psalm 27:4 

That’s a beautiful psalm but that was an Old Covenant cry of the heart — to dwell in the house of the Lord forever

The New Covenant reality is that we ARE the house of the Lord!! He dwells in us forever and we dwell in Him forever!

Learn to think and walk in the New Covenant realities.  The language of the Gospel of Christ is CO…. we are in co-union with Him.